Parrot AR. Drone, operated with a smartphone

Parrot AR. Drone, operated with a smartphone

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Thedragonfly droneit is not the only robot that can be controlled by thesmartphone. The owners ofsmartphoneiPhone OS or Android operating system, they can have fun remotely controlling adronesteering wheel with multiple capabilities. Let's talk about AR. Drone, a "quadcopter "(four-wing helicopter) described as as the "smartphone drone“. 

Parrot AR.Drone is described as a hilarious game for adults, a nerdy accessory and a very trendy device. In reality, the AR. Drone is not just a fun game. Thedroneit is equipped with a high definition camera and a vertical camera through which it will be possible to take pictures and record videos in HD in all simplicity but above all from above!


Thedronecan be managed up to 50 meters away, the champions of justice and lovers of the territory will thus be able to fly over landfills, construction sites and industrial properties in search of environmental crimes. Thanks to the pressure sensors, AR.Drone 2.0 has extraordinary stability and can correct the direction and automatically maintain the position in mid-air at any altitude; it is from any height that thedroneit can shoot videos and capture photos, no need to worry about distances: the wide-angle lens has a diagonal of 92 degrees and takes pictures in jpeg format ready to be shared. The camera shoots HD videos with 1280 x 720 resolution.

AR. Drone is an intelligent accessory not only for its capabilities but also for the development materials: built with carbon fibers and highly resistant plastics so as to guarantee the maximum life cycle. In any case, if any component should break, there is no shortage of spare parts on the market so as to minimize the production of waste.


Those who do not want to take on the role of champion of justice and defend their territory, can simply use thedroneto play and challenge other users via the Wi-Fi network.
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Elite Edition

The price of the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 amounts to 299 euros but on Amazon it is offered at the promotional cost of 250 euros and with free shipping. The only flaw lies in the video signal, passing through the wifi, it has a 2 second delay, it is not ideal for professional dronists who will have to equip themselves with an ad hoc video receiver in order to acquire images in real time by eliminating 2-3 second delay. Among the advantages we highlight the good value for money with the fact that the Drone 2.0 manages to record videos in HD and that it incorporates several sensors and systems that guarantee stability and ease of piloting.

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