The cars that become photovoltaic accumulators

Theelectric carsthey are not only a means of clean mobility but represent an excellent solution for the storage of solar energy. Therebatteryof an electric car can store the energy of the systemphotovoltaicdomestic and then return it to the house when needed. This strategy can only take place when thecar batteryoffers a bidirectional charging system.

There are severalelectric carsto propose howbatteries for photovoltaics. For example, Toyota Prius owners can extend the use of the systemphotovoltaiceven in the dark hours. Therebatteriesof the Toyota Prius, although they are not among the most powerful on the market, they manage to offer 1.5 kW for three hours. circuits and chargers capable of operating in both directions, the result? Fifteen electric Mini Coopers which, connected to the domestic network, have allowed savings of 5 dollars a day by feeding clean electricity accumulated with photovoltaic systems.

Among the cars that think about saving, there is the Seat Leon plug-in hybrid, baptized "Seat Leon Green ". The Seat Leon hybrid has an electric-only range of 50 km, the electric propulsion is powered by an 8.8 kWh battery pack and a charging management software that chooses the most favorable moment to activate the flow of current in entry by choosing the time slots in which electricity costs less.

The Seat Leon Verde was presented last June. Among the novelties, the Spanish manufacturer has mounted batteries 20 kW charging station. This charging unit allows a bidirectional connection, therefore, thecar it can work fine frombattery for photovoltaic! Once recharged, thecar it can be transformed into an electricity supplier by supplying electricity to power the home network during blackouts or during hours of darkness.

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