How to get rid of moths in the closet

How to get rid of moths in the closet

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The worst enemy of our clothes? It's moths! They appear in wardrobes especially when some small precautions in storing clothes are neglected. On the market there are specific products against moths but they contain chemicals. It is always good to prefer natural remedies, common moth balls contain harmful substances such as mothballs, a toxic substance obtained from oil, or paradichlorobenzene, a very powerful insecticide. In the long run, these products can irreversibly damage health. Another aspect not to be underestimated is that these balls could be mistaken for toys and put in the mouth by children. What can we say about that characteristic smell that permeates clothes? So let's see in detail how to eliminate moths in the closet, using only natural remedies.

Moths in the closet, prevention
To prevent moths from infesting your clothes and finding them full of holes, it is good to take care of hygiene:

  • For the change of season, wash your clothes first
  • Make use of plastic bags with specific zippers to store clothes - you can easily find them in home improvement stores.
  • At each change in season, completely empty the wardrobe, wash it and disinfect it.
  • Never leave dirty clothes in the closet

Moths in the closet, natural remedies
Nature, as always, offers us everything we need to solve the problem of moths in the closet.

  • An effective remedy is to distribute bags scented with lavender or with eucalyptus, cedar or aromatic herbs such as mugwort or santolina inside the wardrobe.
  • Other smells effective against moths are that of pepper, cloves and dried oranges. In this regard, just prepare small bags with these ingredients at home, or dry the oranges and then hang them with a ribbon inside the wardrobe.
  • Particularly effective is the clove. Just put a few cloves in a bag and put them directly in the pockets of the garments that most remain unused.

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