Food: living with zero waste

Food: living with zero waste

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If zero impact is too difficult a goal, let's start with zero waste, definitely within everyone's reach. Living with zero waste is the title of the prize announced by the whirlpool household appliance company and awarded to the city of Trieste (for the category food) for a project based on a recovery laboratory unsold food products of large retailers.

The prize Living with zero waste includes categories food, water, energy, green purchases, sustainable mobility, waste, soil and cross-cutting initiatives; in this first edition (the award debuted in 2013) projects and actions of local authorities aimed at reducing waste and improving the use of resources competed. Award ceremony on 28 September 2013: delivery of the Mauro Piloni award from Whirlpool.

It must be said that Whirlpool has made the fight against food waste one of the priorities as it is included in the food supply chain. Leader in the household appliances sector, the company which has its headquarters in Comerio in the province of Varese, is for example engaged in research and innovation to offer technological solutions that extend the life of foods in refrigerators and freezers while preserving their nutritional value.

Fighting the food waste it is not just a question of sensitivity or goodwill, but everyone's duty if we want to grow sustainably. Whirlpool is also the main sponsor of the 2013 edition of 'A year against waste' promoted by Last Minute Market and is carrying out other initiatives in the field of anti-waste and food waste.

One of these initiatives is the national technology cluster Agrifood, an advanced research project to reduce food waste; a second initiative is SiFood, project that brings together sixteen subjects around the themes of food traceability and of reduction of food waste in the domestic context to actions that arise in the territory (for example the collaboration with the Food Bank of Lombardy for the recovery of food surpluses in the company canteen of Cassinetta di Biandronno).

The prize Living with zero waste is part of the initiatives of 'A year against waste' and was established with Trieste Next, the Exhibition of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation one year after the launch of the Zero Waste Card which, in addition to Trieste, Rome and Milan, joined , Florence, Turin, Venice, Bologna and Naples.

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