How and when to wash the solar panels

How and when to wash the solar panels

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There are many users who ask us about thewashing of solar panels. Many manufacturers ofsolar panels, in exchange for an additional fee, they offer an annual cleaning package related to a warranty extension from 25 to 35 years for panelsand 10 years for the inverter. Who has not arranged any fees for thecleaning and washing of solar panels, how should it behave?

In most cases, the expenses of cleaning and washing of solar panels are useless: to provide for washing the panels it should be rain. This is true except in some circumstances such as:
- when yourssolar roofit is found under a plant and foliage, bark and resin accumulate on the plant
- when, for some obscure reason, thephotovoltaic systemit has become the meeting place for birds, bats and other feathered birds that deposit their feces on it
- when theSolar Panelit was installed on a port or near the sea.

As is clear, thewashing of solar panelsit really depends on the circumstances. If the dirt is caused only by foliage, pollen and dust, a little water will suffice to ensure cleanliness. If there is bird droppings, you will probably need a special cleaner.

If in the best conditions isolar panelscan be definedself-cleaning, in the worst circumstances they need awashweekly! The only way to understandwhen to wash the solar panelsis to inspect the system on a monthly basis.

For thewashgodssolar panelsit is recommended to usewarm waterand avoid aggressive detergents. A good mixture that can guarantee the cleanliness of the surface of the implants is given by half a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of mild liquid soap. To apply, place vinegar and soap in a spray bottle, along with two cups of warm water. Spray the surface to be cleaned and use a non-abrasive sponge (such as the one used for cleaning the car body) to wash the surfaces. Wash once more with lukewarm water and make sure you remove any soap residue.

Tips for choosing a brush for cleaning photovoltaics

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Solar-Wash Kit Brush for photovoltaic cleaning.

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