Car-sharing is a public transport service

Car-sharing is a public transport service

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The Minister of the Environment Andrea Orlando also recalled that the car-sharing is, to all intents and purposes, “a complementary service of transport public". Yes, a transport subsidiary and alternative to the traditional one that defines the concept of transport shared public and questions ownership, in this case of the car: what good is having if I can use what I need when I need it?

The success of the initiatives of car-sharing in Italian cities it testifies that the idea is liked and works. In Naples, the Nhp company specializing in solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability launched the first car-sharing electric with the Bee-Green Mobility Sharing acronym: about forty Renautl Twizys and 27 charging stations scattered around the city, with the forecast of reaching 100 in 2014.

The service of car-sharing Electric Bee-Green, inaugurated in April 2013, currently has 180 subscribers (as we write this is October 2013) who, according to the data released by the company, use the Twizy for about 20 minutes, covering an average of 6 kilometers per rental. Users of the first car-sharing Italian electricians are on average 37 years old.

In the service of car-sharing BeeGreen in Naples you can book the car from the website (alternatively you can call the toll-free number) and the rate is 36 cents per minute for the first hour, or 36 euros per day. The fleet of vehicles should soon be enriched with Zoe, again by Reault, fully electric sedans that are more capacious and performing than the Twizy.

Something a little different from car-sharing but always on the subject of transport shared is the BlaBalaCar proposal, a platform born from the evolution of, loved by a public interested in long-distance intercity travel. With BlaBlacar you do not eliminate traffic from urban centers and do not replace ownership with rental, you simply save, even compared to the train.

At Citytech scheduled in Milan on October 29th we will talk about the latest trends and the different aspects of a growing sector: from car-Sharing as a public service, al car-sharing for companies, up to technological trials in Italy and Europe. Introduced by Pierfrancesco Maran, President of ICS - Initiative Car-Sharing and Councilor for Mobility and Environment of the Municipality of Milan.

Video: Mobility as a Service MaaS explained by Timothy Papandreou (July 2022).


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