Environmental sustainability at the Genoa Boat Show

Environmental sustainability at the Genoa Boat Show

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Who in the first week of October was at the 53rd Genoa Boat Show, and there are not a few if it is true that according to the organization the visitors were almost 115 thousand, that is 15% more than last year, will certainly have seen the imposing Red Wall, 450 meters long and 11 high, covered with Cover-Up, a system for exhibition stands designed to be ecological both in production and in assembly and transport.

Red Wall was the 2013 symbol of the Boat Show, although not the only sign of attention towards the environmental sustainability during the event. During the event, the agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and Fiera di Genova was announced with the Liguria Region and the Municipality of Genoa for the realization of an important green initiative.

The announcement on the subject of environmental sustainability made in the course of Genoa Boat Show concerns the launch of a pilot project aimed at experimenting with technologies and management models for the promotion of energy efficiency and the generation of energy from renewable sources within the Genoa exhibition center.

The ecological Red Wall covered with Cover-Up was the perfect setting for the announcement during the Boat Show of the project environmental sustainability sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, the Liguria region and the Municipality of Genoa.

The Cover-Up system is an example of how you can contribute to environmental sustainability also in exhibition stands such as the Genoa Boat Show because it is made up of modular aluminum profiles, combined with ecological fabric covers (because it is obtained from the recovery of PET) and is 100% recyclable. For the Red Wall of Boat Show A total of 9 thousand square meters of ecological fabric were used.

The constructive components of Cover-Up allow storage that reduces the overall dimensions by over 60% compared to old honeycomb wood panels, produces a smaller volume of the load and consequently fewer trucks are needed for transport. The structure lends itself well to particular choreographies, as in the case of Boat Show, assembly is quick and disassembly is even more so: returned and stored, the elements can be reused for subsequent assembly.

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