Digital islands in Milan

Digital islands in Milan

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Milan inaugurated the first 15 digital islands (they will double by February 2014), pedestrian areas equipped with free and fast wi-fi from where you can access the Internet and surf without time limits. Comfortably seated: le digital islands Milanese are equipped with wooden benches with a minimal and functional design, and also equipped with free columns for recharging any device, smartphone, tablet, notebook ...

Not just armed with devices. The digital islands presented today 14 October 2013 at Palazzo Marino (it is the seat of the Municipality of Milan) are information points available even to those who do not have a device with which to connect: information on mobility, traffic conditions, public transport and appointments are in fact accessible to all via an easy-to-use touch-screen totem equipped with multilingual support for foreign tourists.

And woe to forget green mobility: every digital island of Milan it hosts a station for shared two-seater electric quadricycles, 60 vehicles already available by 21 October, which will become 90 in mid-November and 120 next February. All available to citizens who will be able to use them in a manner similar to those of bike sharing through an annual, monthly or weekly card that can be purchased via the Internet.

Obviously the areas of the digital islands they can also be used in the evening and at night thanks to a LED system that modulates the intensity of the lighting according to the number of people present, for energy saving and respect for the environment. Security, on the other hand, is entrusted to a high-definition video surveillance system, active 24 hours a day, which monitors the surrounding area in connection with the local police.

The project of digital islands is particularly important for the municipal administration of Milan in view of EXPO 2015 and is based on a partnership with companies A2a, Ducati Energia, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Telecom Italia, Bee and Linear, which financed three quarters of the cost ( 4 million euros). The digital islands represent a virtuous example of public-private collaboration in offering content and services in favor of a smart and open city.

These the digital islands of Milan active as of October 14, 2013. Bocconi University / Porta Vittoria / 5th Days / Porta Venezia / Hoepli / Cusani / Sant’Agostino / Pagano / Cadorna / Amendola Fiera / Bisceglie / 25th April / Centrale FS / Gioia M2 / Loreto Argentina.

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