Parasites on plants, how to eliminate them

It may happen that our plants are invaded by some species of parasites which voraciously feed on flowers, leaves and buds causing not negligible damage. To eliminate them permanently, we can use many methods, and not necessarily chemical treatments, which damage human health and the environment. But let's see in detail how to get rid of parasites on plants, using home and natural remedies.

Parasites on plants, prevention
To prevent the parasites can ruin your plants and your crop it is good to practice healthy prevention which consists in taking care of your garden or vegetable garden in the correct way, paying attention to their needs: right exposure, fertilization, pruning and irrigation.

Parasites on plants, types of parasites
Parasites on plants can be of vegetable or animal type:

  • Vegetable: this is the case of fungi, where diseases such as powdery mildew and pernospora occur,
  • Animal: such as aphids, red spider mites and cochineal which compromise the health of plants by eating them.

Parasites on plants, remedies

  • In organic agriculture, prevention also consists in planting plants and flowers that can keep them away. For example, the nettle attracts the presence of ladybugs, which are greedy for aphids: the same goes for dandelions. Then there is the thyme and marigold which are able to attract hoverflies, which are also devourers of parasites.
  • To eliminate parasites in a natural way we can use macerates to be prepared at home: against red spider mites and aphids we can prepare a nettle-based compound. For preparation, just chop about one kg of nettle and then let it macerate in a container with 8 liters of water. After two days we will be able to filter the mixture with a colander and then use it with a sprayer.
  • Another effective remedy is garlic: just bury a dozen sprouted cloves about half a meter from the trunk all around.
  • The Marseille flavor is also effective against parasites: just chop into 100 grams flakes, put them in a saucepan with a liter of water along with 50 ml of seed oil and melt the soap over a low heat. Then mix well and let it cool: two spoons are enough to put in a spray bottle full of water to eliminate those damned parasites, while also leaving a pleasant smell.

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