Fresh pasta with broad beans

Today we will see how to prepare goodfresh pasta with broad beans. In the menu of the day you can mark this dish under the name of "squares with broad beans ", in the past thisrecipesimple was prepared with rags and fragments of pasta advanced by the processing of cannelloni and lasagna, this is the reason for the name "quadrucci ", thepastathat we are going to prepare will have a deliberately irregular shape which, if in the past it eliminated culinary waste, today it will facilitate the preparation!

The ingredients for four people include:

  • for the fresh pasta, 3 whole organic eggs and 300 grams of flour
  • for the dressing, 300 grams of peeled tomatoes, 100 grams of cooked ham, 2 cl of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, 800 grams ofFava beans small, 1 onion and 6 mint leaves.

Let's start by preparing the pasta working the flour with the eggs until you get a smooth dough that must rest for 20 minutes under a clean kitchen cloth. Roll out the dough to make a thin sheet and then obtain strips of about 2 centimeters in length, the strips will be cut again until you get irregular squares. Therefresh pastait must be left to dry on a well floured cutting board.

Let's move on to the preparation of the dressing by starting to chop onion and mint. The mince must be fried in a fairly large saucepan in which we have heated the oil. After 5 minutes, you can add the diced ham along with a glass of water, the well-drained tomatoes and fresh shelled broad beans. Cooking should proceed for about an hour and if necessary, add more water. Season with salt and pepper to taste and then add the squares until cooked.

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