Wellness and indoor plants

Wellness and indoor plants

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The so-called plants of the apartment, that is, those that grow well even inside the home, certainly have an influence on the psychophysical well-being of people. They are in fact a living presence that nourishes, participates in the existence of those close to us and expresses the cosmic laws of rhythm and proportion. But let's stay with our feet on the ground and look at how the indoor plants they can help us get better.

Physical effects of indoor plants. Plants transpire by giving off a large amount of water vapor and in the home they humidify in a natural way the rooms made excessively dry by the heating systems, especially if there are radiators. At the same time, we must not forget that winter is the worst season for indoor plants and this is the moment to give them back the good they do us with frequent wetting that keeps the soil always moist.

Some indoor plants they also play an important role in the processes of removing some pollutants that may be present in the air, especially carbon monoxide (anyone who lives in the city knows something about it) and cigarette smoke. Provided they are not hydroponic crops, since the purifying capacities of plants also depend on the absorbing power of the soil.

The earth of the vases largely contributes to the purification action of the environments carried out by indoor plants, and if kept fresh and healthy by periodic renewals it behaves like a sponge that absorbs and filters bad smells. Another advantage of houseplants is that they, of at least some, is that they can help keep away annoying insects such as mosquitoes in the summer.

Psychological effects of indoor plants. It is unanimously recognized that taking care of plants helps you feel better (unless you have total aversion to this practice) and is a good help in various forms of psychological distress. It could be said that, in addition to the lack of oxygen, plants counteract the 'soul malnutrition' which unfortunately characterizes many homes and accompanies many lifestyles. In short, we should look at the indoor plants not as a simple piece of furniture, but as a living entity with which to enter into a relationship.

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