Passive solar energy, no panels needed!

Passive solar energy, no panels needed!

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TheSunhas always been good for growing plants, a day at the beach has always been more enjoyable in the company of aSunbrilliant but only since the 1980sSunbegan to spread as a source ofelectricity. A combination of technologies has succeeded in proposing sourcesalternative energy,leader of the list is precisely ... theSun!

What can be done withsolar power?
Everyone now knows the existence ofsolar panelsbut few citizens are fully aware of the potential of Sun as energy source low cost.

Heating the house withsolar power passive
TheSunit has always been associated with heat but… how many people use it to heat their homes? I bet hardly anyone! Windows, walls and floors can be designed or modified in order to collect, store and then distribute thesolar power in the form of heat. By expanding the windows facing south and using darker colors for the tint of the masonry, more heat will be absorbed which, accumulated during the day, will then be radiated in the coldest hours of the day.

Cool the house withsolar power passive
When you think of the sun, no one can throw themselves into a cool place! Yet with thesolar powerpassive it is possible to cool the house. A "solar fireplace "uses a simple principle: it conveys the hot air present in the rooms into a sort of ad hoc flue, the hot air comes out of the house and the void left by it will be filled with fresher air. Those who live in a very humid environment can point to the "evaporative cooling "always offered bysolar powerpassive.

Heat the water with solar power
A more ancestral form of the classic solar thermal could bring hot water into your homes. A solar boiler would certainly be more efficient but also more expensive. There are many people who, to save money on water heating, have set up a system consisting of an insulated plastic tank half covered with glass plates. The small "do-it-yourself tank" exploiting the sun's rays heats water sufficient to guarantee a hot shower for at least two people.

L'solar powerit can be exploited thanks to heat pumps, hot water pumps, geothermal energy and with the help of photovoltaic cells there is no shortage of lighting systems and other useful devices to power small or large appliances.

In the photo, the operation diagram of asolar fireplace

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