Pedal Power, to recharge by pedaling

Pedal Power, to recharge by pedaling

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We go to the gym and attend courses to improve our posture, we buy treadmills to keep fit even at home, there are those who buy a bike and those who decide to build a very special exercise bike: no wheels but a system that allows you toReloaddevicespedaling!

Is calledPedal Powerand consists of a workstation given by a chair capable of protecting the health of our back, a work desk and pedalsconnected to a device capable of transforming the kinetic energy of the rotary motion of the pedals into direct current ready for use.

In short, while we are at our desk working and arranging our documents, we can pedal, burn calories, keep fit, take care of our posture and… power the notebook with clean energy! If in the prisons of Brazil the inmates pedal to shorten the sentence, in the Italian offices the employees could ride to supplement the salary. Not bad a system of this kind: the company would save on the electricity bill and the employee would gain health and company bonuses!

Pedal Power transforms into a small power plant and is able to transform any bicycle into a pedal generator. The development team considers the kinetic energy produced by the cyclist a real waste! "There are a billion bicycles in the world, there is at least one bicycle in every family. In the future we hope to see every cyclist with a device capable of transforming kinetic energy into electricity ". These are the words of the development team. The principle is simple and is fully shown in this video proposed byPedal Power.

Considering how much time each Italian spends in front of the computer and how long it takes cyclists to roam the streets, the energy obtained en masse could be a very significant figure.

Video: Charging 12V Battery using 220V Generator Bicycle - Amazing Idea (June 2022).


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