Robot for cleaning solar panels

Robot for cleaning solar panels

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Theremaintenance of solar panelsit is important but it is not always simple, especially when talking about a solar roofwhere the surface fromto cleanit is difficult to achieve. In theory,clean the solar panelsit should not be necessary, it should be the rain that will wash away dust and debris. Unfortunately, however, the practical situation is completely different: foliage, bird droppings, pollen, resins and other residues that reduce the yield ofphotovoltaic modulesup to 30 percent.

It is for this reason that some companies have thought well of developing special devices dedicated tocleaning of solar panels. Among these companies is the very ItalianAutomation Technology that proposesrobot for cleaning photovoltaic panelsequipped with special brushes also perfect for to clean on surfaces photovoltaicvery dirty.

Is called "T1 Solar Clean " and is capable ofclean photovoltaic panelsacting in this way: the robot remains anchored to the solar panels by means of vacuum suction cups, is moved by electric motors and cleaning is carried out by a special brush and water jets. "T1 Solar Clean "it is not the only onerobot for cleaning solar panels, the Italian company itself produces more advanced ones; this is the case of the AT1 Assembly 1, a robotwith remote control of movements. The controller is entrusted to a radio control that communicates with the robot and allows the variation of the forward speed and the rotation speed of the brush, as well as all the other commands for water ignition, brush activation and directional commands so as to direct robotalong the entire surface fromto clean.

Thewashing of solar panelsit should be carried out more frequently in particular situations such as:

  • When the solar roof is under a plant and foliage, bark and resin accumulate on the plant.
  • When, for some obscure reason, thephotovoltaic systemit has become the meeting place for birds, bats and other feathered birds that deposit their feces on it.
  • When thesolar system it was installed on a port or near the sea.

For more information or quotes without obligation and to contact the company Automation Technology you can call the number: 338 4248761.

Another Italian company specializing in cleaning of solar panels and the Solar Clean Italy whose equipment they work with pure demineralized water through the processing ad reverse osmosis.

This feature allows you to remove all dirt factors without leaving chemical streaks, resulting from the use of detergents and without leaving limescale residues.

Here is a video presentation of the Solar Clean Italy, which is located in Somma Lombardo (Varese), in Via Novara, 20.

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