How to grow the Christmas Rose

How to grow the Christmas Rose

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Several can be planted in November ornamental plants, among these, the most related to winter is theHellebore, a flowering plant better known as Christmas rose. Let's talk about one flowering plant very cold resistantand with a majestic winter bloom. The flowers bloom between December and January and can last until February. The flowers have large petals and in various colors: in some respects they resemble dog roses.

There Christmas rose it does not require particular care, it can be grown both in the ground and in garden pots: as long as they are in a cool place. But let's see in detail how to grow the Christmas Rose.

Christmas rose or hellebore: plant

Among the Christmas flowers there is no shortage ofhellebores, botanical name:Helleborus niger.

It's aplantperennial herb that stands out for its large white flowers.

It blooms earlywinter. The plant belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. These plants grow up to 30 - 50 cm. Not onlyflowers, also the leaves of theChristmas rosethey are ornamental.

The basal leaves are petiolate, have a lamina divided into 7 - 9 segments. Each segment is lanceolate and can measure up to 12 cm. The leaves are dark green in color.

THEflowersthey all have 5 petals with very showy stamens. They are grouped in showy tops where each flower can have a diameter of 5 to 12 cm. The flowers are hermaphrodites. It is a melliferous plant that, when the climate allows it, in the colder areas of Italy, has afloweringwhich can last until April. In the center-south the flowering ofChristmas rose ceases between January and February.

Even if it is a plantcultivatedfor purposeornamental. Hellebore grows spontaneously throughout Central Europe. Its ideal habitat is undergrowth and mountain meadows.

It resists the cold and can bloom even under the snow: it begins to suffer with temperatures below -15 ° C.

A very interesting spontaneous subspecies grows in north-eastern Italy: hellebore macranthus. In the Julian Alps, on the border with Slovenia, this oneChristmas roseit is very appreciated: the flowers are about 10 cm and the leaves are toothed and slightly bluish.

From the nurseries it is possible to find not only spontaneous species but also different hybrids selected for the particularity of the flowers. For example, there is no shortage of more suitable selections for growing in the gardens of southern Italy. Therewhite poinsettia"Potter's Wheel" is a hybrid selected by nurseries for very large flowers: up to 13 cm in diameter.

Christmas rose: toxic plant

The properties and benefits are linked towhite helleboreand not Helleborus niger (Christmas rose). The Christmas rose is rich in elendorin and helleborin, two toxic glycosides. All parts of the plant are toxic.

At the time ofcareand ofplanting, better to wear gloves because these substances can be irritating to the skin.

Christmas rose: meaning

Hellebore or Christmas rose symbolizes purity and strength of mind. Not only that, according to a religious account, theChristmas roseis also theflowercompassion, nobility of soul and empathy. It is said that this flower blossomed after the tears of a shepherd touched an arid and snowy ground: those tears had aroused the attention of an angel who, taken by compassion, had turned them into beautiful flowers.

The shepherd wept for his material poverty: he wanted to bring a gift on the occasion of the birth of Jesus but he had nothing but his sheep. The gift that the shepherd was able to bring to Mary that night for the birth of Jesus Christ was really a giftChristmas roses.

How to grow the Christmas Rose

Just take a cue from Nature to ensure the right onescareto this plant. Its natural habitat is given by fertile calcareous soil. Here how to grow the Christmas rose.

  • To ensure a luxuriant growth, use a calcareous soil with good drainage.
  • Place it in a semi-shaded place with good humidity.
  • Irrigate abundantly at the end of the summer season to encourage the production of new shoots.
  • Stop irrigation with the onset of autumn rains. Irrigate only in the event of a protracted drought.
  • Mulch the soil with straw or bark, this will help retain moisture in the soil.

How to plant the Christmas rose in the garden

If you want to plant the Christmas rose in the open space respected at a distance of about 20-30 cm from each other.

How to grow the Christmas rose in a pot

If you wantgrow Christmas rose in pots, make sure the containers are large enough to accommodate the roots well. Take a pot with a diameter of at least 25 cm per plant. The soil must ensure good drainage to prevent water stagnation from forming.

Christmas rose: care

The careto dedicate to the plant are those just exposed. The plant is rather rustic and has no particular needs.

If there is too much water in the soil, you risk promoting the proliferation of fungal diseases. Among the other most frequent adversities we find aphids, which attack leaves and flowers: in this case it will be good to intervene promptly with a specific treatment.

Language of flowers

Curiosity: according to the language of flowers, giving hellebore is a form of wish for those who want to change and are about to embark on a new adventure. Therefore it is a good omen to give it away during the holiday season. An old legend has it that while the Magi offered precious gifts to the child Jesus, a poor shepherd who had no wealth, gave these flowers that blossomed in the snow as a gift.



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