Full color projectors

Full color projectors

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THE colors they influence the psychophysical well-being of people and at work they become important in communication. For example, it is proven that if the images projected during a meeting have real and intense colors, the meeting is more engaging and the participants tend to benefit more from it.

The communicative importance of colors was one of Epson's points of reference in the conception of a new range of video projectors 3 entry-level LCDs designed for small offices and freelancers that will be on sale from January 2014 with the initials EB-S03, EB-X03 and EB-W03.

Thanks to an equally high White Light Output and Color Light Output, the colors of these video projectors they are three times brighter. This means that it is no longer necessary to darken the environment in order to use them during the day. They are also easy to use and feature an exceptional contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 for sharp and well-defined images.

THE video projectors S03, X03 and W03 represent the evolution of the respective ranges of Epson video projectors, where the importance of colors has already been enhanced by Epson technology and which differ from the new ones in some functions.

While waiting for the new range, some models of video projectors Epson for small offices and professionals can also be purchased online at a very affordable discounted price. Below you can get an idea and choose yours.

Epson EB-S02, SVGA 3LCD video projector

Epson EB-S11, 3LCD SVGA video projector

Epson EB-X11, 3LCD XGA projector,

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