How to prevent and erase the writing on the walls

The prevention of damage caused by writings on the walls it can be done in an ecological way without damage to the environment and surfaces. In this way, it is possible to respond in an eco-friendly way to the requests of the superintendencies and the building regulations of many municipalities which provide, in the case of restoration or renovation of facades, the treatment of walls for protection from graffiti and from written up to a height of three meters from the street level.

Ecological anti-graffiti prevention for writings on the walls it can be done with wax-based transparent protective paints that allow the complete removal of the graffiti simply with the use of pressurized hot water and without damaging the underlying paint. There are some suitable for the protection of any surface even already painted, which can also be purchased online like the one below:

Anti-graffiti wax 5 liters

Anti-graffiti wax 10 liters

Surfaces treated with anti-graffiti wax can be cleaned of written on the walls and at the same time the product it does not alter the breathability of the support, nor the color or the aesthetic appearance. In addition, the treated surface becomes water-repellent and ensures that even smog does not settle but is washed away more easily by rainwater.

And when written and graffiti damage walls untreated? For this case there are solvent products, which are generally aggressive for the environment but in some cases reach a good compromise of biodegradability. If the surface to be cleaned has been previously treated with a waxy product, the cleaning operation will be easy. Otherwise, to clean writings and drawings left by the spray cans on the marble or ceramic bases of the houses (the operation on painted plasters is more complex), the dilution can be varied. Here you will find an anti-graffiti cleaning product of this type:

Anti-graffiti cleaner

In addition to soiling, the residues left by billboards can also be removed, always without damaging the substrate. With a cleaning product of this type, if used at high dilution, no final rinsing is required.

The important thing in removing graffiti from walls is to choose a product that is not harmful to the environment applicable to written on walls smeared directly, and easily, with a brush. Generally, for a correct reaction of the product with the writings on the walls of the soiled surface, you need to wait a few minutes. Then, without waiting for complete drying, the graffiti can be removed by washing with hot water at 90 degrees at a pressure of 80-100 atm with a pressure washer.

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