How to grow the strawberry tree

How to grow the strawberry tree

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How to grow the strawberry tree: all instructions for thestrawberry tree cultivation in pots or in the garden. Pruning, fertilization, repotting and care to be dedicated to the plant.

Those who have tasted them at the right point of ripeness know that istrawberry treesthey are very good! Therestrawberry tree plantit is easy to grow, so nothing prevents you from planting it in your garden, one warning: it is very productive so if you are not careful with the harvest, it gets very dirty!

Strawberry tree, plant

The strawberry tree, a shrub much appreciated for its bright foliage, is oneplant evergreen that belongs to the Ericaceae family.

Very nice to keep in the garden, the strawberry tree it takes a lot of space as it grows up to 7 meters in height. In gardens it is used as fruit tree but it can also be considered a splendid ornamental tree due to its particular flowering which takes place in autumn, between October and November.

Flowers and fruits

The strawberry tree produces small white bells, graceful and elegant flowers which subsequently give way to the characteristic reddish spherical fruits.

Such fruits, known asstrawberry trees, contain a very sweet edible pulp. THE strawberry tree fruitsthey are used for the preparation of jams, liqueurs and spirits. THEstrawberry treesthey are not easy to find on the market because when unripe, they have a bad taste and, when ripe, they deteriorate within a few days. For this reason istrawberry treesthey should be consumed just after harvest.


Forcollect the strawberry trees, as stated, you will have to wait for the end of winter. Those who, like me, are lucky enough to live in an area with a mild climate, will be able to harvest strawberry trees until the months of January and February.

How to grow the strawberry tree

There cultivation of the strawberry tree it does not require particular knowledge, being a rustic species, it does not have great cultivation needs and is very resistant. In this regard, we will now give you some useful information on how to cultivate the strawberry tree.

Cultivating the strawberry tree: general information

In the cultivation of the strawberry tree don't worry about the low winter temperatures. The strawberry tree is able to easily resist even up to minus 15.

On sale at the nurseries you will easily find plants already in bloom that you will then have to transplant in the ground or in a larger pot.

Not everyone knows this but… the strawberry tree is a distant cousin of the blueberry and just like its cousin you prefer acidic soils. With acid soils it produces better quality fruits but also adapts well to calcareous or basic substrates.

Pay attention to drainage, making sure that there is never stagnation of water.

Where to plant the strawberry tree

Don't neglect to choose a good location. The strawberry tree can be grown both in partial shade and in full sun, as long as it is sheltered from the wind. The wind is a bitter enemy of the plant: the strong wind not only can damage the plant but above all it can cause the fall of the small fruits when still unripe and therefore inedible.

Even if the strawberry tree can stand the cold, protect the young specimens as a precaution with a cloth. In the first two years fromplanting, protect the foliage of the young plant with non-woven fabric, to be removed with the arrival of spring.

When to water the strawberry tree

Water only in summer, since in winter the weather will take care of watering them: in any case, before watering the soil, make sure it is completely dry.

When to plant the strawberry tree

Theperiodbest to plant thestrawberry treefalls in spring for the whole peninsula. On the other hand, those who live in the far south in particularly mild areas canplant the strawberry treeeven in the late autumn period.

How to plant the strawberry tree

Forplant the strawberry treeyou just need to dig a nice hole, at the bottom of which you can incorporate some mature manure. The excavation you have carried out can be filled half with the same soil as the excavation and half with fertile soil of leaves, a little acidic and rich in organic matter.

If you have poor quality soil (poorly draining), you would do well to incorporate, again at the bottom of the hole, even expanded clay or gravel so as to improve the drainage of water and avoid stagnation.

Strawberry tree, pruning

Don't neglect to practice a light one pruning in spring to encourage flowering.How to prune the strawberry tree? It depends, do you want to grow it as a bush or as a sapling? If you wantcultivate the strawberry tree as a saplingyou have to keep a single barrel. In practice, all you have to do is cut off the branches that grow at the base of the stem for the entire period of plant development. Therepruning of the strawberry treeto obtain the sapling habit, it should be performed in spring and only on specimens that have reached 4 - 5 years of age. In addition, to prevent the plant from being exposed to diseases, I advise you to cut only one or two shoots in spring. It is true, it will take some time but you will end up with a very pretty strawberry tree tree, with a sturdy stem and its beautiful bark in clear view.

In case ofcultivationshrub, you just have to cut the dead branches and do a deeper pruning if the plant is "suffocating" due to excessive vegetation.

How to grow the strawberry tree in pots

It's possiblecultivate the strawberry tree in potsif if you buy a dwarf variety. In this case, thestrawberry tree in vaseit will not exceed the height of 180 cm.

Thejardefinitive must have a diameter of 50 - 60 cm while for the first planting, following the purchase of the plant, you can repot in a vase with a diameter of 40 - 45 cm.

To understand when to run therepotting of the strawberry treeyou have to look at the bottom of the vase. When you see dense roots from the drainage holes, green light for repotting! Proceed in spring or, if you are in the south, both in spring and late autumn

Who wantscultivate the strawberry tree in potshas an advantage in that it will be able to adopt the best soil: the pot must be filled with a mixture, in equal parts, given by universal soil and soil for acidophilic plants.

Where to buy an strawberry tree plant

Thearbutus plantsthey can be purchased from agricultural consortia and specialized nurseries or by taking advantage of the online purchase, at “this Amazon page” you will find different proposals and different varieties.

For example, a 1.5 m tall strawberry tree plant with a 20 cm diameter pot can be purchased for 18 euros with shipping costs included.The plant is suitable for growing in the garden and not in pots (it is a very productive arbutus from Salerno, the same variety that I grow in the garden, it is not a variety recognized nationally, simply in Salerno there is a place known as the "Path of the strawberry trees", popular for the abundance of these fruits since very sweet taste). For all information, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

In any case, feel free to choose the variety that best suits your growing needs.


Periodically secure one to the ground fertilization with a product rich in nitrogen and potassium to add to the irrigation water. This procedure is especially necessary for thecultivation of strawberry trees in pots.

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