Educational and eco-sustainable games

Educational and eco-sustainable games

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Even by playing, you can learn to love the environment, in fact you learn better by playing. This is especially true for children but adults do not feel excluded because there is always something new to learn. And have fun in a healthy way with educational and eco-sustainable games it never hurts.

If your children have a science or a green thumb (maybe you do too) and you are looking for an educational game about ecology that teaches the importance of air, land and water through interesting tests and experiments (but sure) you might like the Ecology laboratory

Chess lovers? There are children's versions of this game that allow you to help support WWF in environmental conservation projects. They are also made in an eco-sustainable way, to reduce the packaging the box itself becomes the game base, and they are also educational because you learn to know and respect nature. A new way of playing chess where the pieces (made of wood) are the wild animals of Africa: lions, elephants, rhinos ... isChess Basin of the Congo

If you prefer the lady there is Lady Turtles

Very informative, for children but also for adults, the Cards of endangered species

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