Here's where to trade items online

Here's where to trade items online

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There are many web communities that offer youbarter itemsnot to waste money. The principle is simple: what represents waste for you can be a valuable resource for another person. With thebarteryou don't need money but only old items fromto exchange.

Online there is no shortage of portals offeringbarterrather particular, where the key nature of thebarteris marred by the inclusion of "coins ","bonus "or other emblems that supplant money but still require an economic matrix. In this article we will try to point out only the portals that offer thebartering of itemsthe old way. and the like
Not to limit the shape ofbarterthe credit principle was introduced between two individual users. How does it work? The practical example:

Pino is an excellent tailor and wants a fishing rod. Marco wants to get rid of his fishing rod but he doesn't need a knitted scarf. So Pino makes his talent as a tailor available to intentions interested in his objects to be exchanged. Pino earns credits by selling his handcrafted scarf, Pino uses the credits earned to get Marco's fishing rod.

Of course, the exchange can also be direct, there are those who have exchanged an MP3 player for a wooden lady!

The same mechanism asbartercan be found on other portals such as,,, and

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