Indoor ornamental plants, which ones to choose

Indoor ornamental plants, which ones to choose

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The indoor plants represent a valid furnishing solution; they can have green leaves or produce particular flowers. The varieties are endless on the market, all able to ensure a touch of elegance to the environment and fight domestic pollution. But let's see in detail how to choose and care for ornamental indoor plants following some useful indications.

Ornamental indoor plants, useful information

  • Since these are tropical plants, which in nature live in warm, humid and bright environments, it is preferable to keep them away from direct exposure to sunlight and guarantee them, whenever possible, the presence of a humid environment, with a temperature around at 20 degrees: in this regard it is sufficient to wet the foliage with a sprayer.
  • Another aspect to consider is exposure to light: dracena, anthurium and sansevieria prefer low-light positions while ferns and ficus like diffused light
  • Indoor ornamental plants that produce flowers such as hibiscus, orchids, begonias, etc. they want a lot of light but be careful as they can be damaged if exposed to direct sun.
  • The degree of heat and air currents should not be underestimated: they should never be positioned near heaters or in a position where they are reached by air currents; you risk their safety.
  • As far as watering is concerned, it is good to use water at room temperature, which must be poor in limestone and chlorine to avoid compromising the roots. The frequency of administering water varies depending on the variety: small plants need more water than large ones, since they store much less.
  • The pots in which the plants reside also play an important role: they must allow good drainage to avoid stagnation. After about a year it is preferable to repot in a slightly larger container, taking care to tuck the new soil well around the roots.

And what about domestic pollution?
Between indoor plants able to make the air healthier we find trunks of happiness, the sansevierie, spatifillo and kalanchoe.

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