Fitbit Flex: our review

Fitbit Flex: our review

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Fitbit Flex is one of the most interesting “wrist motivators” available in Italy: its purpose is to help us live better by leading a healthy lifestyle. In this review we will see how and thanks to which features.

The bracelet Fitbit Flex comes with an attractive Hi-Tech design and is available in different colors: black and gray are in our opinion the most sober but the youngest can opt for brighter colors such as fuchsia or pea green.

In the center 5 LED lights show us how close we are to reaching our goal which may consist of steps, calories or distance to be covered daily.

On the back of the Fitbit Flex there is the chip that performs the role of activity tracker thanks to a built-in gyroscope based on three axes, ensuring good reliability in measurements.

The chip is detachable from the bracelet so as to allow it to be washed more thoroughly or to replace it with a bracelet of another color if the first one you purchased has tired you.

With yours Fitbit Flex you can measure:

1) Steps paths

2) Distance traveled

3) Calories burned

4) Active minutes

5) Number of hours you sleep

6) Quality of sleep

You can synchronize all these data via Bluetooth with your Smartphone (Samsung and in general phones with Android operating system, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini) or with your PC (or Mac).

Fitbit Flex it is also equipped with the NFC chip that allows instant access from devices such as the Samsung S3 or S4 (just bring your wrist with the Fitbit to your smartphone).

Also interesting is the vibration wake-up function that ensures you do not wake up your potential partner.

Fitbit Flex it's also water resistant so you can keep it even while showering!

L'Fitbit application, in addition to presenting all the data in a quick and well-structured way, it allows you to compare and challenge your friends who own Fitbit. You can download the FitBit application on ITunes to evaluate it even without having purchased the FitBit Flex yet.

Fitbit Flex it can interact with other fitness / nutrition clothing applications such as RunKeeper, Map my Fitness, Lose it !, My fitness pal, Endomondo, Sparkpeople.

The battery of the Fitbit Flex it has an average duration of 5 days and is recharged by removing the chip from the bracelet and connecting it to a USB socket.

If you want to read the technical specifications of Fitbit Flex and possibly buy it online to get it in a few days you can Visit

The Fitbit Flex model is currently on offer at 87 Euros with free shipping.

The main competing products of Fitbit Flex available in Italy are the Jawbone and the Nike fuel wristband but with a search on the net you will find quite agree opinions in considering the Fitbit Flex the best product for functionality, "wearability" (it is light and thin) and quality / price ratio.

The most accredited competitor of the Fitbit Flex would actually be the Fitbit Force, a new model launched by the same company and available only in the United States, which has however met with a lot of criticism from users who have purchased it and who have sometimes even returned to using Flex.

Here are the main ones problems encountered on the Fitbit Force:

1) The chip and the bracelet are inseparable so if the bracelet breaks or gets damaged you have to buy a new one.

2) The Fitbit Force, unlike the Flex, is NOT waterproof. If you forget it on your wrist during a shower then ...

3) The bracelet has a difficult closure and that often opens which makes it likely to be lost!

4) The Fitbit Force is larger, heavier and less sober than the Flex.

You will then wonder why the new model was created… the only differences are in the presence of a oled microdisplay which indicates the hours and steps covered without the need to connect to your Smartphone and the function to detect i floors of stairs traveled. In our opinion too little, also because the price in the United States is currently double!

On the official website, at you will find a well done video (in English) and other information about the product but this review should have summarized the pros and cons of the product in a rather complete and impartial way.

The price of the Fitbit Flex on the official website it is US $ 99.95 but it is not possible to have the product shipped to Italy which is available on

IMPORTANT: mine new review of the Fitbit Charge the evolution of the Fitbit Flex, now also available in Italy.

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