We present the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015

We present the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015

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The winning project was announced last April, and at the end of 2013 the executive project for the construction of theItaly Pavilion of Expo 2015.Is calledPalazzo Italia” and will cover an area of ​​approximately 12,800 square meters. TheItaly Pavilionit will include rooms for delegations, institutional offices, the regional manufactured areas of the Cardo and of course, exhibition areas.

The building will be flanked by an additional 10,700 square meters of surface area intended for exhibitions and related services. The Palazzo Italia together with the Cardo artifacts, it represents the Italian system as a wholeMilan Expo 2015.

TheItaly Pavilion of Expo 2015it is organized in two large blocks, the first able to accommodate the public of visitors with the exhibition area and the auditorium. The second macro-block is intended to accommodate institutional offices, meeting rooms and delegations.

TheItaly Pavilioncan be described as a large tree complete with roots, branches and foliage.

The two macro-blocks can be further divided into functional spaces, the result is a volumetric articulation based on four pivotal areas organized around a central square. The functional spaces (exhibition areas, auditoriums, offices and meeting rooms) are connected to each other by bridge elements. The four functional elements have punctual massive supports on the ground that recall the great roots of mother nature. The "roots" from the ground on the first floor rise upwards so that, seen from inside the square, they are freed withhairlight given by particular glazed surfaces on which concrete structures extend which, structuring in a dynamic way, look like thick branches.

The entire project was the result of the collaboration between the architecture firm Nemesi & Partners Srl of Rome, Proger SpA of Pescara and BMS Progetti Srl of Milan.

LOOK The photos of the winning project: Nemesi & Partners Srl of Rome, Proger SpA of Pescara with BMS Progetti Srl of Milan.

Among the various projects that participated in the international tender for the construction of Italy Pavilion, we point out the one born from the minds of Paolo Venturella, Angelo Balducci and the designers of Interpro Engeneering Consultants, Via engineering. The photos of the project excluded from the tender are available in this photo gallery.

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