Photovoltaic technology wants to lobby

Photovoltaic technology wants to lobby

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Towards a solar economy with the photovoltaic technology and who does it flag with GIFI, the group born in 1999 and which today brings together over 130 companies, all of which in some way increasingly want to deal with photovoltaics, have bet on it and believe in it.

1) When were you born? How many were you then?
GIFI, the Italian Photovoltaic Companies Group, was founded in 1999 within the Energy Association of the ANIE Federation. The founding members are a group of 10 companies which, in light of the first experience of the Energy bill, in Germany, have bet on the success of the photovoltaic technology Also in Italy. Growth was slow but steady until 2005 (around 40 companies); with the succession of the various Conto Energia and thanks to the development of the photovoltaic technologywe reached a peak of 200 member companies in 2012. To date, due to the market downturn, there are about 130 member companies.

2) What are your main objectives, schematically?
The main objectives are to represent associates in relations with government authorities, bodies and organizations relevant to the sector, to collaborate with certification bodies for the development of standardization activities, to promote the development of photovoltaic technology and the growth of the photovoltaic market in Italy, to provide quality assurance to the Italian customer and coordinate common actions in the European context.

3) What are your concrete activities aimed at promoting the market and photovoltaic technologies in Italy?
Activities aimed at promoting the market and photovoltaic technology they can be summarized in two strands: purely institutional activities and communication activities. The former include all those lobbying actions typical of a sector association, therefore relations with institutions and participation in the political (non-party) and economic life of the country system. Communication, on the other hand, serves us to disseminate our messages and our positions on specific issues through the media, on and off line.

4) Can you also certify the quality of the photovoltaic present? As?
No, it is not part of our statutory activities

5) What services do you provide to associated companies?
We implement an articulated series of services, structures and means suitable for assisting and supporting the Associated Companies to increase their visibility and emphasize their use of photovoltaic technology. These services, provided in synergy with the ANIE Federation structure, are support and consultancy (legal and technical / regulatory consultancy, economic studies and for the internationalization and monitoring of emerging markets, integrated services) and communication and marketing (conferences, articles and press releases, institutional brochures and newsletters, website, information circulars, sector press reviews).

6) What kind of businesses are those associated with you?
The registered and operational headquarters of the associated companies are mainly Central and Northern Italy. They are companies active throughout the supply chainphotovoltaic industry: production, distribution, integration, design and installation of photovoltaic components and systems. As for the size, 18% are micro enterprises, 42% small enterprises, 29% medium enterprises and 11% large enterprises.

7) What kind of relationship do you have with public institutions and trade associations?
We maintain constant and proactive collaboration relationships with public institutions as well as with other trade associations. The effectiveness of collaboration with institutions is very dependent on the "green" vocation of the people who govern Italy, on how much they focus on photovoltaic technology, and therefore is subject to changes beyond our control. With the other trade associations, on the other hand, we are completing a process of unification in order to make the impact of our lobbying actions.

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