Natural do-it-yourself cleaners

Natural do-it-yourself cleaners

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Do-it-yourself natural detergents for cleaning the house: how to prepare ecological detergents for home hygiene at home. From homemade detergents to natural products on the market.

Most of the detergents over-the-counter, although effective for their use, contain chemicals that pollute the environment, not to mention that they can be harmful to our health! Yes, that "good smell of clean" that you feel after washing or rubbing the kitchen counter, is linked to highly bonded chemical compounds that generally have a far from positive effect on health (they are allergenic, hypersensitizing, irritating to the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract ...). By virtue of this, have you ever thought about replacing thedetergents withdetergentsnatural do-it-yourself? It would be enough to use cheap ingredients that are easily available at home. In this regard, here's how to prepare gods homemade natural cleansers.

Do-it-yourself natural detergents and detergents

We are used to having a product for everything: one for porcelain, one for the kitchen top, another for the taps, a washing up liquid…. There are actually some ready-to-use natural ingredients that you can use to clean any surface, let's talk about:

  • alcohol
  • vinegar
  • water and bicarbonate

These three simple ingredients-also very cheap-they can be very useful for home hygiene. Alcohol, in particular, is very effective in breaking down the bacterial load, so much so that it is also used to ensure hygiene in hospitals. Yes, it is also useful for cleaning floors, especially if there are children in the house!

In addition to thesenatural cleansers, you can prepare ad hoc mixes at home based on use. Let's start with the do-it-yourself dish soap!

Homemade dishwashing liquid, for hand and dishwasher washing

Here's how to proceed with its preparation:

  1. Blend 4 lemons cut into pieces, 250 grams of salt up to half a liter of water
  2. Boil the mixture in a saucepan for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally
  3. With the heat off, add 100 ml of vinegar, mix and allow to cool

Useful information: it is also good for washing dishes in the dishwasher; the recommended dose for a washing cycle is 3 tablespoons full load.

This natural detergent for dishwashers can be combined with an equally genuine rinse aid: instead of the classic viscous and liquid rinse aid, you can use a spoonful of white vinegar which also works as an anti-limescale, makes the dishes shine and prevents the formation of limescale halos in the phase drying. White vinegar is also used as a rinse aid in restaurants, so play it safe!

To eliminate bad smells from the pipes of sinks, showers, tubs and toilets

  1. Pour 4 tablespoons of coarse salt and 4 of baking soda into the drain hole
  2. Empty over a pot of boiling water and leave to act for an hour, without letting the water run.

Do this operation at least every 2 months: the drains will always remain clean and the pipes and plumbing parts will not be damaged as you would risk with the caustic soda contained in classic dewatering products (liquid plumbing etc ...).

Natural do-it-yourself cleaners

  • Homemade cleaner to clean windows: just use white vinegar and crumpled newspaper sheets.
  • As a home-made fabric softener and to disinfect laundry in the washing machine, just a cup of white vinegar in the softener compartment so that it works after the last wash.

To remove limescale in the washing machine

  1. Pour 1 liter of white vinegar with 50 grams of baking soda into the basket
  2. Do a long cycle at a temperature between 60 and 90 degrees

Useful information: it is advisable to do this once a month and above all it is advisable to use a natural detergent for washing machines.

Natural detergent for the kitchen

Alcohol can be used to clean kitchen surfaces, it sanitizes and disinfects ... however alcohol does not remove grease stains and stubborn dirt. In this case you can prepare a natural homemade cleanser so:

  1. Prepare a mixture consisting of 1 part of water and 3 of bicarbonate
  2. Mix and put in a sprayer

Winni's ecological detergents and more

Who is on the hunt forecological detergentsand natural detergents to clean the house can count on a small number of products on the market. Among the biodegradable ecological detergents, able to protect the environment and the health of those who use them, I point out some houses, the most popular is undoubtedly Winni's but it is not the only one. Here is a short list of ecological detergent brands that you can find on the market:

  • And so
  • Winni's
  • Folia
  • Ecor
  • True Green
  • Biorò
  • Ecodetergent of the Provencal
  • Millepieni
  • Solara Officina Naturae

These brands have lines ofnatural detergentsfor dishes, laundry, floors, fabric softeners, bathroom hygiene… and they use natural low impact ingredients. Unlike the more popular detergents (such as Dash, Dixan, Omino Bianco…), these are more “difficult” to find on the market because not all supermarkets handle them. Generally you can find them among the shelves of the most well-stocked hypermarkets or by taking advantage of online sales. At “this Amazon page” for example, you will find i Winni's ecological detergentsand always on Amazon there is no shortage of other brands mentioned.

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