The Brianza tripe recipe

There Tripe stewed is a dish widespread in various regions of Italy which in the Milanese and Brianza tradition takes the name of büseca. In Brianza it has always been prepared with the stomach of the calf (Tripe riccia) lard, sautéed vegetables, tomatoes and Spanish beans. To make the moist, you use cube broth or water and when serving, you cannot miss fresh sage, parsley and a sprinkling of Parmesan (which may not have been in tradition but is perfectly fine).

For a Tripe even richer you can add a piece of beef tail while cooking which will give flavor and texture to the broth, in this case you can also do without the cube. There are those who replace the beans with potatoes cut into pieces (or put them both) but many argue that without beans it is not a real Tripe and we are of this opinion.

In tradition the Tripe stewed is a typical trattoria dish and also a 'festive day' recipe, especially at Christmas (the 'buseca de Natal') When in use, serve it with slices of toasted polenta or yellow bread. Actually the Tripe there are also those who eat it cold, which happens especially in the summer. In any case, once prepared, the Tripe it can be stored and used for a few days.

Being a dish to be enjoyed in company and suitable for take-away rations, just like the countryman cassoeula, the recipe of Tripe Brianza that we recommend is calculated for 12 people.

Brianza tripe ingredients

1.8 kg of Tripe veal curly; 40g of butter; 80g of pounded lard; 3 peppercorns; 3 cloves; 300g of golden or white onion; 300g of celery; 500g of carrots; 100g of tomato sauce; 200g of dried Spanish beans; 100g of parsley; some sage leaves; parmesan to taste.

Preparation of the Brianza tripe

First, soak the Spanish beans in cold water for 24 hours and then boil them for 1 hour (avoid canned beans that would break during cooking). Then cut it into squares Tripe and put it in a pot where you have started to brown the onion with the butter and lard. After 15 minutes, add salt, pepper, cloves, tomato sauce, celery and carrots. Let it simmer for another 15 minutes, add the broth or water and continue cooking for 1 hour. Add the beans kept warm in their cooking water, a bunch of sage and cook for another hour. Serve with more sage leaves, chopped fresh parsley and grated Parmesan.

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