Vegetable garden and garden in January

Vegetable garden and garden in January

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Even if January is the month in which thevegetable garden and the garden they are in full vegetative rest, however, it will be good not to neglect maintenance. In this regard, some gardening practices are necessary such as elimination of dead vegetation: dry branches, leaves, flowers, grass must therefore be uprooted. Absolutely not to be overlooked is the pile of leaves that often settle on the lawn as it limits transpiration and encourages the proliferation of fungal diseases and molds. But let's see in detail what to do in January in your green space. It goes without saying that the vegetable garden, the greenhouse and the balcony should not be neglected as they also need a thorough cleaning operation.


What to do in January, terraces and balconies

  • Remove the old earth
  • Enrich the soil with organic fertilizer
  • Wash the plastic containers to prevent the formation of fungi.

What to do in the garden in January

  • In case of heavy snow, shake the evergreens to free them from the snow cover
  • In case of mild climate, intervene with pruning on trees and shrubs that bloom in late spring, leaving aside species such as camellias, jasmine, azaleas: all those plants that have already emitted buds: you can also take the cuttings from ornamental plants
  • Fertilize with potassium and phosphorus based products, enriching the soil with a slow release fertilizer rich in nitrogen.
  • Create new flower beds to plant spring flowering bulbs such as hyacinths, crocuses, tulips, daffodils ...

It is also possible to plant some species of plants that are very resistant to low temperatures such as violets

What to do in the garden in January

  • Eliminate the residues of vegetables that have exhausted production
  • Dig up the soil by adding fertilizer and possibly some silica sand
  • Prepare space for new crops

Vegetables such as rocket, valerianella and red radish can be sown as long as they are sheltered environments


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