Floating LED lamps

Floating LED lamps

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These LED lamps colored floats can be agreen idea for suggestive events in perfect green style both outdoors and at home. They work wirelessly and without batteries, consume very little energy and recharge in 3 hours like a mobile phone from the home network. The color can be controlled remotely by a small remote control.

Duration? Well, generally with the technology of LED lamps in the lighting bodies, approximately 25,000 hours of operation are reached with a luminous efficiency estimated at 50 - 90 lm / W (lumen per Watt). Nothing to do with compact fluorescent bulbs which, for comparison, have a lifespan of 6,000-12,000 hours and a luminous efficacy of 50-75 lm / W.

Here it comes to LED lamps which not only resist water (they are waterproof) but which float like luminous spheres creating suggestive scenographic effects. The ability to remotely control the color with a remote control makes it possible to create real outdoor shows, on the water but not only.

These LED lamps colored spheres can also be placed on the furniture and shelves of the house, spreading a pleasant soft light that makes moments of relaxation almost zero impact: the energy consumption is very low and so will the electricity bill at home. For children, these can be fun, safe and also educational.

The LED lamps floats are not easily found in the store but you can buy them online. Quality and delivery are guaranteed by a leader in hotel supplies: Floating sphere LED lamp

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