Cheap wooden houses

Today we will see some examples of cheap wooden houses beyond imagination. The wooden houses besides being ecological they can prove to be very convenient from a point of view moneyed. With figuresaccessible you can buy one wooden house ready for assembly.

Cheap wooden houses are offered by various manufacturers, among the most competitive prices found on the net we point out those of the retailer "The squirrel", of Sale Casette and the well-stocked Garden Deco. JustGolden Deco proposes one wooden house 13 × 9 meters, with a 21 m2 veranda and 8 rooms at a price of around 56,000 euros. The price of wooden houses it varies, yes according to the size, but also according to the composition materials and the type of walls, roof and flooring.


The most expensive walls are usually the lamellar or insulated ones, able to guarantee a good degree of thermal insulation. Houses for sale, proposes a small house in Nordic spruce with 58 mm thick walls. There wooden house It measures 6 meters by 7.5 meters and consists of a living room-kitchen (19 square meters), bathroom (3 square meters) and two bedrooms, both large 5.6 square meters. There is no shortage of glass doors and windows and an insulated floor thanks to a base of wooden beams already impregnated in autoclave. The thickness of the walls provides a discreet thermal insulation and therefore the wooden house you can buy it with only 9,500 euros (promotional price of Sale houses of 7,999 euros). Wooden houses more economic are those with 19, 28 or 35 mm thick walls. Prices go up with the degree of insulation.

Why the wooden houses I'm this way economic?
The Italian real estate market suffered an abrupt setback due to the economic crisis and with the brick crisis, alternative housing solutions found more space. Prices of wooden houses they manage to be competitive because it comes to prefabricated houses, produced in blocks. The speech changes when it comes to wooden houses tailored.


The wooden houses more economic they use the "blockhaus" system, a very widespread mechanism in northern Italy. In this case the walls are fitted together through a patented system, so the buyer has few options for customization and at the time of purchase he takes a house that has "prepackaged rooms ". The wooden houses lesseconomic are those that use the "platform frame" system where the buyer can customize the interiors more. This category includes more sustainable houses with a higher degree of thermal insulation and, with the right precautions, you can get houses of energy class A.

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