Heating the house, strategies

Heating the house, strategies

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Systems for heat the house they are numerous, differ in their mechanism of action and thermal efficiency. Who wants heat the house cannot help but invest in the insulation of the building: the efficiency of a heating system is closely related to thermal insulation. Today we will list some of the systems born for heat the house.

Natural gas heating
It is among the most common heating systems but certainly not the most economical: methane is a natural gas with a certain economic weight, if you do not intend to change your methane system, take a look at our guide article entitled How to save on methane heating. Those who have classic methane radiators can increase their efficiency by mounting a series of heat reflective panels with a simple operation do-it-yourself.

Pallet stoves
Pallet stoves are a heat the house with some efficiency: it was estimated for heat up a room of about 90 square meters with a pellet stove, at the end of winter, you can save 150 euros compared to a natural gas boiler, the savings are around 600 euros if you compare the pellet stove with a diesel system or lpg.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps are becoming extremely popular with users looking for reliable and energy efficient heating systems. Among the heat pumps on the market we point out those Panasonic.

Solar Fireplace
It succeeds in reheat the house exploiting the principle of rising hot air. A solar chimney consists of three fundamental parts that are able to guarantee the collection of heat and a flow of air for replacement.

Radiant panels
It is a plant that succeeds inheat the dropby passing hot water in serpentine or spiral pipes hidden under large surfaces: the most suitable installation is under the floor, but there is no shortage of wall or ceiling.

Baseboard heating
A bit like radiant panels, even the baseboard heating is well hidden and integrates perfectly into the domestic architecture. How does it work? Inside the simple skirting board, copper pipes and metal parts are installed, thus allowing radiation to the walls of the rooms: hot water flows inside these copper micro pipes.

Heating the house and deduct expenses
Those who carry out home renovations to improve the energy efficiency of the building, therefore also those who refurbish the home heating system, are entitled to tax deductions. In this regard, we recommend the article dedicated to the Ecobonus.

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