Renewable energy at Fieragricola

Renewable energy at Fieragricola

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L'renewable energy from biogas or deriving from plant production is at the center of one of the 5 macro thematic areas of Fieragricola, the event dedicated to agriculture that takes place on 6-7 February in the area of ​​the Verona Fair. The other focuses that attract thousands of visitors concern agricultural machinery and equipment, agro-supplies for agriculture and plant genetics, technologies and products for breeding and services for agriculture.

Among the novelties in the Fieragricola space dedicated torenewable energy in agriculture also the presentation to the public of a system for the reuse of slurry coming from farms or digestate from biogas. It is called NitroCycle, it is developed by an Italian company based in Lombardy and is based on the stripping technology of the nitrogen component which consists in extracting nitrogen without the use of chemical additives.

The advantage of this method consists precisely in the abatement of the ammonia nitrogen part (abatement that can reach up to 90%) without the addition of extraneous chemical agents, which makes the resulting sewage usable for fertilization or purified with costs of management reduced to a minimum. Renewable energy but also ecological, which is not always taken for granted.

On farms, the NitroCycla system can be used for spreading organic slurry and fertilizing soils. If instead we talk about renewable energy from biogas, the application is the preparation of biomass (especially pure manure) as a stabilizer in the production of methane and the treatment for the direct use of the resulting digestate as a fertilizing element.

Reason for the presence of a space dedicated torenewable energy within Fieragricola it is certainly communicating that there are new opportunities for income and savings for agricultural entrepreneurs linked with different technologies to the production of renewable energy from agricultural sources.

Fieragricola di Verona has been for many years an international event where the people of agriculture can find opportunities (such as those of today related torenewable energy) and information. In the area dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment, for example, it will be possible to provide in-depth information on the mandatory revision of agricultural machinery introduced by the amendment to Article 111 and adoption (postponed to 1 January 2015 by the Milleproroghe decree) of law 221/2012.

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