How to care for hydrangeas in the garden and at home

How to care for hydrangeas: advice oncare of hydrangeas in pots or in the garden. How to grow hydrangea at home or in the open ground.

Hydrangeas, variety

The hydrangeas, whose varieties can be climbing, evergreen or deciduous, are among the most used ornamental plants to decorate and beautify gardens. Theregrowing hydrangea at homeit's possible. It is necessary to choose varieties that are more suitable for the purpose and to ventilate the premises daily.

How to care for hydrangeas

To cultivate and treat hydrangeas no special knowledge is required, just follow small directions to have a garden with prosperous hydrangeas. Not everyone knows this but there are some varieties of hydrangeas to grow in pots, even at home. In this regard we will illustrate you how to care for hydrangeas in a simple and effective way. Here are some useful tips tocultivation of hydrangeas in potsor in the garden.

Potted hydrangea and indoor hydrangea

If you love hydrangeas in the apartment, it is better to choose the most suitable varieties for indoors, then opt for shrub varieties. If you decide to grow them outdoors instead, opt for climbing or deciduous ones.

Hydrangea color and soil pH

If grown with a sub-acid soil, hydrangeas will be pink in color, while with a rather acid soil, hydrangeas will be blue. With an acidic pH, you will succeedcultivatesplendidblue hydrangeasor blue (depending on the variety).

Where to place the hydrangea plant

If you have to grow them in the garden, be careful to place them in a sheltered area. If you opt for growing in pots, make sure the pot is at least 30cm in diameter.


Hydrangeas should be fertilized frequently and regularly in spring, using composite fertilizers. The fertilizers to be administered are those for acidophilic plants. Who wants cultivate hydrangea in potswill have to administer fertilizer more frequently. Who intendsgrowing hydrangea in the gardenit may be limited to two fertilizations per year, the first in spring and the second in summer.

How to water hydrangeas

They should be watered regularly, making sure that the soil is always moist but paying attention to stagnant water. For the cultivation of hydrangea in pots, since they need moist soil, it is preferable to favor plastic pots as they retain water better.

Pruning of hydrangea

Hydrangeas should be pruned in summer or in any case after flowering: flowers and dry branches should be pruned.

Hydrangeas are very robust plants, strong therefore they hardly have problems of disease and suffering, however we advise you to prune the hydrangeain the period indicated above.

The hydrangeas most at risk of disease are those grown at home. Several problems can also occur in the case of cultivation of hydrangeas in greenhouses. Closed environments subject the plant to various forcing. Not all specimens are able to adapt to growing indoors or indoors.

Fertilizer for hydrangeas

When to fertilize hydrangeas? In early spring (between March and April) and in summer (between June and July), to support flowering.

On Amazon, a 2.5 kg package of this granular natural fertilizer can be bought for 13.08 euros with free shipping. For all the info: Neudroff granular fertilizer.

Among the variousfertilizers for hydrangeason the market, I pointed out the Neudroff granular organic fertilizer certainly not for the brand, but for its composition. Its formula sees a well balanced mixture of organic fertilizers:

NP (+ K) 7-3 (+6), Organic Nitrogen (N) 7.0%, Total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 3.0%, Potassium Oxide (K2O).

Perfect formula for acidophilic plants such ashydrangea, camellia, rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, bougainvillea ... Its solubility in water (6%) makes it perfect for prolonged action over time so as to limitfertilizationstwice a year.

Hydrangea, multiplication by cuttings

The hydrangeas they propagate by cuttings; to make them multiply just take twigs of about 8/10 centimeters in length, in the summer, taking care not to fray the tissues of the twigs.

The cuttings of hydrangea they are to be planted in a mixed soil of peat and sand, in pots or boxes. Make sure that the soil is always moist. As soon as the roots sprout they can be potted and after the first flowering transplant into the garden or vegetable garden. For all instructions on themultiplication of hydrangea by cuttings, I invite you to read the guide:hydrangea cutting.

How to dry hydrangeas

Dried hydrangeas are very suitable for making compositions of dried flowers or for home decoration. Even in the way of wilting, hydrangeas are very original, after flowering the petals of the hydrangeas they have pleasant and particular shades of blue and red. The color tends to fade but the result remains equally enchanting.

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