When to prune roses

When to prune roses

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There pruning it is a necessary operation in the care of rose: if done periodically, it allows you to have luxuriant plants with abundant blooms. But when to prune roses? What are the branches to cut and which ones to leave? Let's see below when to prune roses, what tools to use and how to proceed.

When to prune roses, rose variety
The best time for prune the roses it is when the plant ends the vegetative period
and the first buds appear: therefore pruning must be carried out in January and February. In the regions of southern Italy, where the climate is more temperate, pruning can also be done between autumn and early winter.
However, some distinctions must be made between roses:

  • Sapling roses that were planted in autumn needed pruning in early spring
  • Those planted at the beginning of the summer must be pruned at the time of planting
  • Adult plants are usually pruned in the summer, after flowering.

Obviously, if branches or flowers appear withered and dry, you will not have to wait for the pruning period: they must be eliminated at any time.

When to prune roses, the tools
The tools used to prune roses are:

  • Thin branch shears
  • Saw for thicker branches
  • Gloves to protect yourself from thorns

It is good to remember that tools must always be well sharpened and disinfected

When to prune roses, indications pruning

  • Eliminate the diseased and older stems at the base, taking care to avoid cutting the younger ones.
  • Make the cut above the last flowering bud: the cuts must be clean made at an angle of one centimeter away from the buds, to facilitate the flow of water
  • Also eliminate the suckers that grow at the base: they have little ornamental value and take away precious energy from the plant.
  • Shorten the young branches to obtain a more harmonious shape and limit the height of the shrub: generally it is between 20 and 30 centimeters.

When to prune roses, useful tips

  • Old roses should be pruned slightly while bush roses need a bit more drastic cuts.
  • To ensure beautiful flowering, add potassium-rich fertilizer every two weeks, taking care to wet only the soil and not the leaves.
  • For roses in open ground, fertilize with manure every spring
  • To maintain humidity and protect from cold and disease, mulch the soil with pine bark.

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