How to cook without fat

How to cook without fat

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Excessive intake of fat in our diet undoubtedly causes damage to health! In this regard it is good fat-free cooking, eliminating certain ingredients such as oil and butter: these are saturated fats that when cooked are transformed into residues in the arteries. Furthermore i fat have a high content of calories, should be used in minimal quantities: for 200 gr. But let's see in detail how to cook without fat following some useful indications.

How to cook without fat, what you need
For cooking without fat there are alternative cooking methods compared to the usual frying, such as steam cooking, in the oven, in the microwave. In addition, the foods can be boiled, grilled, stewed ... .. in short, there are alternatives without having to give up taste! All you have to do is provide yourself with non-stick pots and pans, an oven, even better than a pressure cooker. Never miss aluminum foil and parchment paper, excellent allies in fat-free cooking.

How to cook without fat, directions

  • If cooking in a non-stick pan, replace the water with the oil, cook over a very low heat, always covering the food with a lid
  • Prefer steaming for meats, fish, vegetables, eggs, etc: it is a healthy method since it does not waste the nutritional principles of food
  • The grill is also suitable for cooking meat, fish and vegetables, remembering to add salt only after cooking is complete: be careful not to burn the food.
  • If you want to prefer boiling, use very little water to try to keep the vitamins and minerals as much as possible.

How to cook without fat, some examples

  • Pan-fried eggs can be cooked by replacing the oil with the same amount of water on the bottom.
  • If you don't have a steamer, place the food on a covered plate and place the plate on top of a pot with plenty of boiling water.
  • The omelette can be made in the pan with water on the bottom or in the oven, covering a pan with parchment paper.
  • All breaded frozen foods can be cooked in the oven: just use trays covered with paper
  • In sauces, the oil can be added raw at the end of cooking: the taste will not be altered
  • Cream and butter can be replaced with natural white yogurt: pasta, sauces and desserts are delicious and delicate with yogurt

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