Fermented papaya, beneficial properties

Fermented papaya, beneficial properties

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Fermented papaya: contraindications, properties and how to take it. A good source of magnesium and potassium, benefits and things to know.

There fermented papaya is a natural extract that is obtained from the pulverization of this exotic fruit after being subjected for a long time microbial fermentation. Thanks to this process, the enzymes giveownership antioxidants are enhanced, thus becoming capable of attacking free radicals to then transform them into harmless substances for our body.

According to experts, the fermented papaya would be able to mitigate the effects of cell degeneration caused by age or by particular pathologies such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's. Is all this true? They are missingclinical studiesauthoritative,however it is a highly advertised product. The product was even sponsored by Luc Montagnier, a well-known French Nobel laureate who discovered the HIV virus and a professor at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Fermented papaya: property

I respect the fresh one, the fermented papaya has a greater amount of digestive enzymes and active ingredients that help the body in the food absorption process.

In fermented papaya there is the presence of Lysozyme (an enzymatic protein) and Carpine (an alkaloid), which would be able to perform an antiseptic and preventive action against intestinal infections.

Thanks to its high fiber content, the fermented papaya it is an aid in weight loss diets and situations that require energy with low caloric intake.

Fermented papaya, how it is obtained

It is essential that fermented papaya is absolutely freeze-dried: its enzymes are very sensitive to heat and only freeze-drying is able to maintain its properties and benefits.

To derive the fermented papaya All parts of the fruit are used: pulp, peel and seeds, they are grated together and then placed in a special fermentation tank where sugar and a special ferment are then added.

The fermentation period lasts a maximum of 100 days: during the fermentation period, the product is mixed every day.

At the end of the fermentation period, a liquid is obtained to which a water-soluble carbohydrate is added, la maldodextrin. The liquid is finally filtered and dried, that is, freeze-dried for large-scale distribution.

Fermented papaya: supplements

The supplements based on fermented papaya they are sold in sachets containing water-soluble powder and can be found in health food stores or shops that sell organic products. There is no lack of online sales. At “this Amazon page” there are many commercial offers, the popular one could not be missingzuccari fermented papaya.

Since it is a supplement, the recommended dose for the fermented papaya it is more generic than that of a drug, in any case, a sachet of 3 grams per day is preferable.

Before taking the product it is advisable to consult your doctor. For doses, follow the instructions issued by the manufacturer (Angelini, immun age, zuccari…).

Immun'Age fermented papaya

Immun’Age is among thepapaya supplementsmost popular (sponsored by the nobel prize Montagnier). Its fame is not given only to its testimonial: it is a supplement ofpure fermented papaya.


It is not easy to talk aboutcontraindications. Sixbenefitshave been praised by the manufacturers, no one hinted at potentialcontraindications.

Some fermented papaya supplements are "enriched" with sweeteners. To understand any contraindications to the fermented papya, the ingredients of the supplement in question should be analyzed.


The antioxidant and digestive properties promisebenefitsborne by the entire body. Papaya makes digestion, thanks to papain, an enzyme capable of dissolving proteins. While it is true that papaya fights free radicals and improves digestion, there are no slimming properties.

Does fermented papaya make you lose weight? No. It can certainly support digestion but it does not affect the absorption of fats, much lessspeeds up the metabolism.

There is no correlation between the intake of supplements based onfermented papaya and metabolism.

In 2002, the Competition and Market Authority expressed its opinion on what are called misleading advertisements. According to the Authority, papayna and bromelain-based agents cannot be proposed forweight loss.They do not have a scientifically proven slimming effect.

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