Why recycle paper?

Why recycle paper? Paper recycling is important for several reasons which can be summarized in two fundamental concepts:
- the more paper we can recycle, the fewer trees will be felled
-with paper recycling, fewer resources are consumed both in economic terms and in energy terms.

Paper is biodegradable and its disposal does not harm the environment ... then why it is important to recycle paper?

The paper recycling it is not dictated by the environmental impact of paper as waste. The paper recycling it is made necessary by the production chain linked to the transformation of the raw material, cellulose.

For the production of a ton of paper from virgin cellulose, they are cut down for 15 years and during the cellulose processing process, 440,000 liters of water and an energy quantity equal to 7,600 kW of electricity are consumed. With the paper recycling the environmental (and economic) costs are much lower.

With the recycling of paper, first of all you avoid the extraction of new cellulose and in addition, the energy of the processing is reduced by about two thirds and the amount of water required in the recycling is equal to only 1,800 liters. Recycle the paper it allows to halve the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere compared to those resulting from the production of paper from wood fibers.

Another useful answer to the question "why recycle paper?ā€¯Involves the production of new materials. By recovering paper, cardboard, cardboard and beverage cartons, a process can be initiated recycling thanks to which you can produce materials such as fruit paper, milk carton and ecoallene. These are very useful materials in the industrial field. Fruit paper consists of a very resistant recycled paper that is used to produce stationery items, editorial publications, paper bags ... Milk carton is obtained from the recycling of milk cartons and is used for the industrial production of editorial publications, printed matter of all kinds. and other resistant cardboard. Ecoallene is a particularly interesting elaborate material, rather than paper, it has spread due to its similarity to plastic: it is obtained from polyethylene and aluminum of polylaminated cartons, used for construction, for the production of promotional items and costume jewelery , as well as widely used for the production of office items.

In Italy paper and cardboard represent about 30 per cent of the total waste and they are a resource because they can be used to produce recycled paper. It is sufficient to recover a ton of cellulosic material to save 3 trees 20 meters high, reducing environmental impact and saving precious resources for the environment.

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