Adhesive photovoltaic panels

Adhesive photovoltaic panels

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The advantages of adhesive photovoltaic panels of the latest generation are obvious: they do not require any final substrate, a rigid base is not required for setting up and so they can be applied to any surface. Unlike the photovoltaic thin film which is traditionally fixed on rigid silicon or glass substrates, i adhesive photovoltaic panels they are more flexible and have wider applications.

As part of the adhesive photovoltaic panels there are many researches still in progress, from the new application development plans to the enhancement of efficiency. In parallel with the completion of new research, the market welcomes different models of adhesive photovoltaic panels, the first example is given by Lumeta Power-Ply 380, photovoltaic adhesive which installs twice as fast as the classics photovoltaic panels.

To characterize the adhesive solar panels Lumeta Power Ply 380 is Teflon, a material that makes the photovoltaic adhesive lighter, easier to install and above all, flexible. THE adhesive photovoltaic panels of this kind have a thickness of 0.775 mm.

THE adhesive photovoltaic panels Lumeta Power-Ply 380 can be defined as the plumbers of the sector: the technology spread in 2008 when the Lumeta company decided not to make its systems available for residential use but to use them for systems designed to integrate perfectly with the tiles and the terracotta tiles; since then things have been comabiate and the market offers several similar solutions: there are no shortages adhesive photovoltaic tapes which act as integrated covers, for example, the PrefazSolar, which arrived on the market in 2011 and other even more recent models.

With adhesive photovoltaics, installation times drop by 70 percent, already with the first applications it was possible to demonstrate the timing and economic advantages: being easier to set up, a adhesive photovoltaic system provides far lower installation costs. The following video shows the ease of installation of Lumeta panels with technology peel & stick solar. A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 2.25 kW is installed in about half an hour.

In the field "research and development"Gods have arrived photovoltaic panels detach and attach: flexible, stickers and that can be removed like a plaster and reattached to any surface, from paper to window panes.

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