Expo 2015: Kuwait presents its pavilion

Expo 2015: Kuwait presents its pavilion

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Expo 2015: the Kuwait presented the project for its pavilion at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan.

His ExcellencySalah Mansour Al-Mubaraki, Expo 2015 Commissioner General for Kuwait he has declared:

We are really looking forward to taking part in the great appointment of Expo Milan 2015. The proposed theme ("Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life") is perfectly suited to the great culture of food and agri-food that Italy expresses, but it is also an exciting experience for Kuwaitwhich has long been committed to developing best practices in the energy field to apply unconventional solutions in food production and leave more fertile land for future generations. The availability of food produced in a sustainable and accessible way, in sufficient quantity for all, represents a challenge that involves all of humanity and the Kuwait intends to do its part in offering ideas and solutions in line with the ideals that animate this great universal exhibition”.

The Kuwait, on the occasion of the visit of the former Prime Minister Gianni Letta, also confirmed the commitment to invest 500 million euros on the Italian market in 2014 alone.

Very interesting and detailed explanation of Emanuele Rossetti, Director of Nussli Italia, the company responsible for carrying out the project, on what the Kuwait pavilion will look like and on how the visitor path will be structured.

The architecture of the pavilion will be inspired by the profile of "Kuwaiti" sails typical of traditional boats ("Dhow”) Still in use in the waters of the Arabian Gulf and on the surfaces of greenhouses and hydroponic agricultural systems in Kuwait.

Visitors, after an entrance route, will access a semi-dome where an interactive show will be projected on the change brought to the territory by the succession of seasons. A multimedia room will show how life is reborn in the desert lands after the rainy season.

The visitor will then have a presentation of the technological research underway in Kuwait, including those relating to desalination and water recycling plants and those dedicated to fish farming and in particular to shrimp farming.

There will be educational courses specially designed for children who will be accompanied by hostesses.

In an area called "Donation wall"Will be presented, again interactively, i Kuwait-funded humanitarian projects with over $ 15 billion.

Important investments they are also carried out in the culture and in Research with the aim of building the foundations to make the Kuwait independent from an economic point of view even apart from oil production.

The visit will end with a souk where it will be possible to get in touch with Kuwaiti hospitality and where you can buy typical products.

The cost of the pavilion was estimated on 20 million euros.

The declaration of His Excellency Salah Mansour Al-Mubaraki is significant: "When we decide to do something in Kuwait, we do it well“.

Abdulnasser M. Bukkadour, Consul of Kuwait, explained how the Consulate will support the project by playing a role of reference throughout all the months that separate us from the start of Expo 2015.

The Kuwait pavilion, whose construction site will be open in June, according to the program established by the organizing committee of the Expo, will occupy a plot of 2,790 square meters and will be located north of the Decumano in the eastern part of the exhibition site, a short distance from the intersection with the Cardo and next to the United States and German pavilions.

To better understand what the experience offered by the Kuwait pavilion at Expo 2015 will be, this video was made:

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