Energy efficient boiler, the choice

Energy efficient boiler, the choice

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A energy efficient boiler it is an equipment that carries out the passage of heat to a fluid (water) with the least expenditure of energy. A energy efficient boiler it has a low impact on the environment and on the energy bill, especially if it is a device that uses clean energy as it happens with solar thermal and solar boilers.

In a home, the production of hot water has a substantial weight on the energy bill, especially if this is produced with an older electric water heater. About 80% of the energy used in a building is actually used for space heating and the production of hot water.

The energy-efficient boilers available on the market are able to give their best when associated with a solar panel or solar thermal system. Lovers of do-it-yourself they might dabble in the construction of a low price boiler independently making a solar collector: instructions for build a DIY solar collector. The maximum efficiency could be obtained by setting up a condensing boiler to your own clean energy plant.

With condensing technology the boiler recovers the energy of the exhaust fumes and generates an increase in the calorific value which allows to eliminate energy waste (heat dissipated in the form of exhaust smoke) and to obtain thermal efficiencies higher than boilers conventional systems allowing energy savings of up to 35 percent compared to an old generation boiler.

When buying a high energy efficiency condensing boiler, make sure that this is set up to manage the solar thermal system so as to burden as little as possible on the home electrical network.

Thanks to eco-bonuses, those who decide to improveenergy efficiency of your building by replacing the old boiler, you will be entitled to tax deductions of 50 or 65 percent on the purchase of an energy-efficient boiler (until 31 December 2014). Eco-bonuses will be available, on a reduced basis, until 31 December 2016.

To meet the needs of a 100 square meter apartment inhabited by two or three people, one is enough boiler from 24 kW. For larger apartments, we will switch to boilers with a power of 30 kW up to 35 kW for the apartments of the villa type. The price of a energy-efficient boiler condensation varies according to model, power and manufacturer's warranty.

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