Electric cars, prices and models

Electric cars, prices and models

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Electric cars prices Too high? In the article "Electric cars on the market in Italy " all are specified prices purchase ofelectric cars currently on sale in our country and, as is clear, the purchase price is less than 20,000 euros only in rare exceptions.

Electric cars Prices
The range of Renault electric cars:

  • Renault Twizy
    Thanks to its flat structure and the two-seater configuration, theelectric car of Renautl you can park everywhere. The 8 kW engine offers a top speed of 80 km / h with prices from 7,900 euros. It starts at 6,990 euros for the 4 kW and 45 km / h version.
  • Renault Zoe
    Gorgeous electric car, generous in setting up and the real autonomy is around 150 km. The price starts at 21,850 euros to which we must add the price of battery rental ranging from 80 to 204 euros.
  • Renault Fluence Z.E.
    A sedan that can count on a 75 kW engine (equivalent to 95 hp). Here i prices start at 28,750 euros. THE prices of battery rental include a monthly fee ranging from 83 to 189 euros depending on the kilometers traveled.
  • Kangoo
    The price of the Kangoo starts at 20,650 euros. The Kangoo is available in two variants, the first sees a commercial vehicle configuration, the second sees a 5-seater configuration, perfect for large families.

Tesla Model S
Who seeks prices bass may very well look elsewhere: the Tesla Model S is among the electric cars worse since the engine reaches 310 kW (421 hp). Acceleration sees the sprint cover from 0 to 100 km / h within 4.4 seconds and the top speed has been limited to around 200 km / h. The range is about 400 km and the batteries have an 8-year warranty. THE prices of this electric car they start at 69,000 euros for the 225 kW model and go up to 92,500 euros if you choose the meaner 421 horsepower version.

BMW i3
Our experiences aboard the BMW i3 have been positive even if, on balance, the purchase of the range extender to increase the range of the BMW electric car is a must. The price starts at 36,499 euros.

Smart ForTwo ED
The price starts at 24,079 euros, the price drops to 19,900 euros if the customer rents the battery with a monthly fee of around 78 euros.

Nissan Leaf
The price starts from 24,790 euros up to 36,590 euros. The full electric of the Japanese house is very quiet and offers a spacious interior with a very rich equipment: from bluetooth to the rear camera.

Mitsubishi iMiev - Citroen C-Zero - Peugeot Ion
These threeelectric cars are based on the same platform and i prices they are not very different. They made their debut on the market in 2010 and today, in many ways, they can hold their own against their new competitors. The 47 kW electric motor is flanked by batteries that offer a declared range of 160 km. Battery recharging times, using a normal household electrical socket, can be up to 7-8 hours (with the Renault Zoe, at home, it takes less than 6 hours). The Mitshubischi i-Miev takes home with 32,214 euros, against the 30,200 of the C-Zero and 30,639 euros of the Peugeot Ion.

Ford Focus Elettric
Aesthetically it looks like the classic Ford Focus but the drive is 100 percent electric. The price starts at € 39,900 and the declared range is 150 km.

To find the charging stations for your electric car closest to where you are, you can use thesearch engine available in the article:Charging Columns for Electric Cars.

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