Dwarf fruit plants

TheDwarf fruit plants they are very useful for those who want to grow fruit and do not have enough space in the garden. TheDwarf fruit plants they can be grown on the balcony, in the vegetable garden or on the terrace.

Those who do not have a vegetable garden or a garden may not necessarily have to give up the cultivation of fruit plants! The fruit dwarf plants they do not need large spaces and provide fragrant and equally tasty fruits. The dwarf fruit plants they also grow well in pots and with the right care, they give great satisfaction.

At the time of purchase, the dwarf fruit plants they have a height of 80-100 cm. For the cultivation of fruit dwarf plants it is good to use loose and fertile soil. Here is a list of fruit dwarf plants with some practical indications for cultivation.


Mini Peach Bonanza
Peach is a tree that blooms early with beautiful pink flowers. The harvest takes place in the summer. Who intends to cultivate the "dwarf peach”Must place the plant in a warm and sheltered position.

Mini Peach Walnut
The walnut peach produces fruits with a smooth skin and yellow pulp. Like the Bonanza peach, the walnut peach is also a self-fertilizing plant so it can be planted individually.

Mini Pear
Pyrus communis Williams, the mini Pear is a pear in a dwarf version. It will have to be grown in pots or in the ground in holes of 50 x 50 x 50 cm.

Mini Apricot
It is a fruit tree with a strong ornamental power, the Prunus Armenica gives delicious fruits. The fruit is harvested between August and September. A precaution to be taken at the time of planting is to make sure that the root of the Prunus Armenica is moist enough. If the root is dry, it is better to immerse it in a bucket of warm water.


Mini Cherry
Those who have the opportunity would do better to plant a large cherry tree in the garden: the cherry tree is among the fruit plants easier to grow and gives great satisfaction. If with the peach tree there is the "danger" of picking only a couple of fruits, with a cherry tree this risk is minimized. Those who just don't have space can pick up a Mini Cherry, a small variety that produces many sweet-tasting cherries. It is harvested in the second half of July.

Where to buy Dwarf Fruit Plants
There are many specialized retailers offering varieties "dwarfs“, Among these we point outBakker which is certainly among the best equipped in the sector.


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