Is wind power bad for your health?

Is wind power bad for your health?

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L'wind power is bad for your health? More and more people ask themselves this question and consult the web search engines by typing the word triplet "harm wind health". We have already heard of the wind turbine syndrome and there is no lack of studies to support this thesis. L'wind power would cause damage to human health, the symptoms of wind turbine syndrome consist of dizziness, sleep disturbances, migraines, stress, depression and even increased blood pressure and heart disease.

If you have reached this page by typing the triplet of words "harm wind health"Know that you are not the only ones interested in this matter: the Health Authority Office of Environmental Public Health has invested more than a year to investigate the type of impact that would havewind power on human health and analyzed the populations living adjacent to large wind farms. The result was a 134 page report, the summary? Some health effects are quantifiable although doubtful, other effects are not even quantifiable.

At certain decibel levels, wind noise can cause sleep disturbances and trigger a state of stress. The report states that wind noise is more annoying and "disturbing" than noises emitted by industrial centers at the same level of decibels. The effects on human health would be perceived between 40-55 decibels with an increase above 55. This is why we recommend a production of noise pollution of less than 36 decibels.

The case of the Scottish couple
Even the British dedicated a lot of space to the question "harm wind health”And reported the case of a couple of Scottish officials. The young couple suffered damage directed by the noise pollution produced by a single turbine: after an intense city life, the couple decided to move to a rural area where they lived in peace for 28 years.

To hear the story of the DailyMail, peace ended with the arrival of a single wind turbine installed 300 meters from the house of the couple. Aileen Jackson already suffered from diabetes but with the arrival of the turbine she was no longer able to keep her glucose levels under control (she had continuous peaks of hyperglycemia); Aileen's husband, William, had always suffered from low blood pressure but after the installation of the huge one wind turbine, risked becoming hypertensive.

As Aleen and William Jeckson there are many other people harmed by wind turbines but this only occurs when the system has not been properly weighted. A wind power plant properly managed does not harm anyone. It is normal to have sleep disturbances and mental and physical imbalances if you have a huge turbine 300 meters from home! In Italy, fortunately, the plans governing the installation of wind turbines are more severe so as to eliminate the risks associated with damage caused bynoise pollution produced by the rotating blades.

Photo | Wind turbines on the background of Lake Bolsena

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