Homemade strawberry jam

Homemade strawberry jam

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Strawberries know how to delight our palate in many ways; we find them in sweets, fruit salads and jam. And since we are in the period in which strawberries abound, we suggest the recipe for homemade strawberry jam.

Homemade strawberry jam, useful recommendations
To make an excellent strawberry jam, you need to check that the strawberries are firm, uniform red in color, intact, without dents or moldy parts. The strawberries must be washed thoroughly but without soaking them. After washing them, remove the petiole and the rosette of leaves, making a twisting movement with your hand without tearing.

Homemade strawberry jam, the ingredients
2 kilos of strawberries
800 grams of sugar
1 lemon juice
Hermetically sealed sterilized jars

Homemade strawberry jam, the preparation

  1. Wash the strawberries well, then put them in a colander and let them drain well
  2. When they are dry, pour the strawberries into a bowl, pour in a few tablespoons of sugar then add the lemon juice and then let it macerate for at least 2 hours
  3. After the time has elapsed, pour the strawberries into a stainless steel pot, add the remaining sugar and cook over low heat until the strawberry jam has thickened.
  4. Pour the strawberry jam into the jars after you have made sure they are completely sterilized
  5. Close the jars tightly and place them on a shelf upside down for about 1 hour
  6. After the time has elapsed, put the jars in the pantry

Strawberry jam, useful information

  • Before pouring the jam into the jars, these as we have already told you must be sterilized: in this case it will be sufficient to put the jars for 20 minutes in boiling water
  • Put a label on the jar with the date of preparation of the strawberry jam. Store in a cool place away from light.

– Strawberry jam: another recipe

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