Natural pesticides for plants, macerates

Natural pesticides for plants, macerates

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Plant pests are a big problem for farmers and gardeners; they can damage plants in all their parts, putting their health and survival at risk. Let's see what they are and how to use them natural pesticides.

Garlic, nettle and horsetail are just some examples of completely natural remedies that we can use at home with DIY. The use of these herbs takes place through specific practices, such as macerate, decoction and infusion.

Natural pesticides, the macerate

  1. Chop the plant to use in a plastic container
  2. Fill the container with water, making sure it does not reach the edge: the water in question must have been previously exposed to the open air for a couple of days,
  3. Cover the container with a net to protect the contents while allowing the air to pass.
  4. Leave the mixture preferably in the sun for about three weeks, mixing well every day.
  5. Once this is done, filter the product and transfer it to a container with a lid
  6. At the right moment, pour the mixture into a bottle with a spray dispenser. In this way, it can be spread evenly on the plants to be treated.

Natural pesticides, nettle macerated
Among the most used macerates we mention that of garlic, a powerful antibacterial that can fight mold and fungi. The nettle macerate, on the other hand, is mainly used in the vegetable garden to combat parasites. Its preparation is different from the one mentioned above
Leave the nettle to soak in cold water until the liquid becomes very dark and there will be no more foam: also in this case it is preferable to expose the mixture to the sun while the fermentation time is a maximum of ten days.

Natural pesticides, horsetail macerate
Horsetail macerate is a powerful natural pesticide both against parasites and fungal diseases and is also able to significantly strengthen the plant's immune defenses and stimulate its growth.
To make a very powerful natural pesticide against fungal infestations, we can macerate the horsetail together with the nettle, which greatly amplifies its antifungal action.

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