Wood care, polishing and protection

Wood care, polishing and protection

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The wood it is a very present material in the home, furniture, floors and fixtures are an example. Wood enjoys a natural beauty but is very vulnerable: it can be attacked by parasites, mold, humidity. To protect the wooden surfaces, it is advisable to periodically carry out careful maintenance. In this regard, here is a guide to wood care, with all the necessary information.

Wood care, directions

  • Cleaning: prepare a mixture made of water and Marseille soap to be wiped with a soft cloth and then dried with another cloth
  • Protection: apply specific oil for wood evenly with a cloth and dry the surface with a clean and dry cloth.
  • Polishing: spread wax paste on the surface to be treated. After 10 minutes, the time it takes to dry the wax for minutes, remove the excess parts by rubbing with a cloth. This is recommended for surfaces that have become too dry or have been damaged.
  • In case of swelling of the wood caused by humidity: after cleaning, planing with sandpaper with great care

Wood care, impregnating paints
To protect the wood we can use impregnating paints: they create a protective barrier on the wood to prevent atmospheric agents from damaging it. They are transparent paints that have a waterproofing action on surfaces. On the market you will also find colored impregnating paints. The paint can be applied in three ways: with a brush, by spray or by immersion.
For the application:

  1. Before applying the paint, remove all traces of dust and dirt
  2. Check for the presence of molds: in this case proceed with elimination
  3. Sand the surface with sandpaper and remove the paint with a suitable product
  4. Apply at least two coats of paint and possibly a third. At least twenty-four hours must pass between the first two and about four weeks between the second and third.

ATTENTION: to ensure the success of the operation, it is essential that the moisture content of the wood is between twenty and twenty-five percent. Therefore, before painting, measure the humidity using a special tester. In case of higher temperature, the wooden object should be placed in a dry place for about fifteen days before treatment

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How to clean and polish wood in a natural way

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