How to choose the conditioner

How to choose the conditioner

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With the arrival of summer, temperatures begin to rise putting us to the test in case of high temperatures. High temperatures for several days, particularly high humidity rates, lack of ventilation inexorably compromise our psychophysical balance! The only solution is to find refreshment with an air conditioner: in this context it becomes necessary to purchase an air conditioner, especially if there is an elderly person or a child in the house. In this regard we will illustrate you how to choose the conditioner, following some useful indications.

How to choose the conditioner, difference between air conditioner and air conditioner
Many still do not know that there is a big difference between condition and air conditioning: the first is a system that introduces cold air, the second is a system that controls the temperature and humidity parameters

How to choose the conditioner, the purchase

  • At the time of purchase, consider whether it is appropriate to opt for a fixed or mobile device: in the first case we are talking about a more efficient system with lower energy consumption, in the second case we are referring to a noisier system which must necessarily be positioned at the the cooling fan
  • Prefer air conditioners that belong to class A
  • If the air conditioner must remain on for more than 5 hours, opt for inverter technology: it allows the air conditioner to always be in operation (at minimum) even if the set temperature is reached. This type of air conditioner brings considerable energy savings but only if it remains on for more than 5/6 hours a day.

How to choose the conditioner, useful information

  • When the air conditioner is on, make sure that the doors and windows of the house are tightly closed to avoid waste
  • Turn on the air conditioner preferably at night: electricity is cheaper at night: to cool the environment, sometimes it is enough to eliminate the humidity without lowering the temperature, a prerogative only of air conditioners!
  • To make an air-conditioned and comfortable environment, you can turn on the air conditioning while you are having dinner and leave it on for about 2/3 hours: since the environment will now be refreshed, you can turn it off since it will remain a suitable climate for sleep for a long time, so you will avoid unnecessary waste.
  • It is not necessary to turn on the air conditioner when you leave the house and then find the fresh environment: a few minutes are enough to make the environment more pleasant. Think about how much energy you are wasting .... maybe think about it when you get your bill!
  • Limit yourself to the dehumidification function, the house is liveable without wasting energy for cooling: if you lower the humidity level, the environment will become cooler. In this case you will save energy and consequently the economic savings will be quite significant.

In summary, it is quite eloquent to give up the purchase of an air conditioner in favor of an air conditioner.

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