Car incentives 2014, low-emission cars

Car incentives 2014, low-emission cars

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Thecar incentives 2014bring a breath of fresh air to the Italian automotive sector. The economic crisis is making itself felt and the automotive sector is among the most affected sectors. Thanks tocar incentives 2014, buyers will be able to take advantage of a discount of up to 5,000 euros on the purchase of a new low-emission vehicle.

Thecar incentives 2014born to favor the purchase of ecological cars, the incentive criterion is not dependent on the power supply (petrol, LPG, diesel, electric, biofuels ...), rather on the Euro class they belong to and the harmful emissions produced by the mechanical component. It goes without saying that aelectric carwill have access to greater incentives since with an electric engine we are talking about zero emissions cars! Incentives also for hybrid and gas-powered cars. The petrol and diesel cars remain outside the incentives, except for rare cases of efficiency.

Car incentives 2014for the purchase of an electric car
Those who want to buy an electric car can use, while credit is exhausted, ofincentivesequal to 5,000 euros, paid, in equal parts, by the seller and by the state (2,500 euros of state incentives and 2,500 euros of discount by the seller); in Italy there is no law that obliges the seller to grant such incentives but given the crisis, probably no dealer will fail.

Those who want to buy an electric car, in addition to having the opportunity to access 5,000 euros of incentives, will not have the obligation to scrap an old vehicle as these are cars with CO2 emissions of less than 50 g / km.

Car incentives 2014, the breakdown by emissions
The incentives are divided according to emissions and follow an environmental hierarchy, that is, the more the car pollutes, the lower the contribution to the purchase will be. To access the incentives, you must buy a car with emissions below at least 120 g / km.

  • Emissions below 50 g / km
  • Emissions below 95 g / km
  • Emissions below 120 g / km

Updates 2016, 2017:Car scrapping incentives.

The scrapping obligation applies to those who buy a car with emissions above 95 g / km but below 120 g / km. These incentives are intended for use by third parties or used in business, arts and professions, and intended to be used exclusively as capital goods in the company's own business. Only in these conditions will it be possible to take advantage ofincentiveson the purchase of a vehicle with emissions below 120 g / km. In this case, scrapping is mandatory and the vehicle to be scrapped must have been registered for at least ten years and must have been registered in the same person for at least 12 months.

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In the photo above, the electric carRenault ZOE

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