Car bike (car + bike) in Milan and Rome

Car bike to move around the city. Cars and bicycles are complementary means of transport because the car can carry a bike with which to reach places where the car cannot be reached. With the car + bike combination, mobility in the city has no limits, or almost.

What do citizens and tourists think of car bike we will know in a while, when we know the results of the collaboration that car2go and Tern first launched in Milan and Rome: discounts on car sharing for Tern bike owners and discounts on Tern hi-tech folding bikes for members to the car2go system.

The initiative car bike in the city it started on May 16th and promotions are scheduled until July 31st. Tern customers who own a folding bike can show up with their bicycle in a car2go shop (Milan or Rome) to register for free car-sharing. The agreement provides for them the right not to pay the registration fee and a free 30-minute driving bonus. The alternative is to register online on the car2go website, in this case you just need the service tag number of your Tern bike.

On the other hand, the agreement of car bike allows car2go car sharing customers who come to Tern stores with their Membercard to take advantage of two advantages: the first consists of a 75% discount on the price of a Carry on Cover bike bag if they buy a Tern bike of the type Link One; the second is a 30% discount on a BioLogic Pango folding helmet.

The advantages of the car bike citizen are evident. On the other hand, thanks to the bike, car-sharing customers can reach a greater number of cars and resume the bike route when they want after parking. On the other hand, urban cyclists have the advantage of being able to use a car (in this case the Smart car2go) when they need it.

The car2go-Tern pairing can work well for the car bike because the dimensions of the Smart allow a good ease of parking, at the same time this car has a trunk large enough to be able to carry Tern's techno-bike inside.

Currently the car2go car sharing service has more than 60,000 subscribers in Milan with a fleet of 600 Smartphones available and 35,000 in Rome with 500 Smartphones available. In recent days car2go has also launched the service in Florence, but for the moment the car bike in is still proposed in this city.

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