Electricity suppliers: how to choose well

Electricity suppliers: how to choose well

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Once you have chosen to change electricity supplier you can be a little confused, because there are many opportunities available and they differ in many variables: the price, the nature of the service, the origin of the energy supplied (whether from renewable or not), bonuses and agreements to which you are entitled once the new contract has been signed.

To choose well between the electricity suppliers It is first necessary to draw up a profile as accurate as possible of your consumption: single, couple, large family, at home during the day or only on weekends, with few or many appliances.

The most important choice is to decide if you want one single-hour rate - which applies the same price per kWh at any time of the day - or rate multi-hourly (usually bi-or tri-hourly), with special rates, cheaper for example during the night or on weekends and higher during the day: a solution chosen by many couples who work and use light and appliances especially in the evening or on weekends .

Secondly, it is good to consider the convenience of having the price of energy blocked for a variable number of months, in order to protect oneself from market fluctuations, and the possible advantages of a dual fuel contract, which also combines the supply. of gas. Especially in recent periods, tariffs have also increased that allow the price of energy to be blocked for one or two years: thanks to these tariffs, the price per kWh will remain the same for the entire duration of the supply contract signed.

Looking at the proposals of the electricity suppliers, among the most convenient monoraries currently there are E-light di It is in the, which freezes the price for one year at 0.057 € / kWh and allows you to participate in collecting Enelpremia 2 points; Natura Luce Net Price with Safe Home Service Hera Comm at € 0.046 / kWh, which protects the home from faults in the electrical, gas and plumbing systems up to € 3,000 per year; Energy 3.0 Monorary of GDF SUEZ Energie, at € 0.055 / kWh, at a fixed rate for one year.

Among the multi-hourly programs, again GDF SUEZ Energie with Energy 3.0 Trioraria, the bi-hourly Price Net Natura Luce with Safe Home Service by Hera Comm, Amica Web Flat Illumia.

Furthermore, the additional benefits associated with the rates are very important: a recent study conducted by found that these additional benefits, such as points collections, insurance and more, can bring a quantifiable gain in € 300 per year.

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