How to decant plants, the guide

How to decant plants, the guide

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In this guide we will show you how to decant plants, an often necessary practice; the plants grow and at a certain point they need to be moved to larger pots if we want to preserve their well-being. Already the outflow of the roots from the drainage holes of the pots is the alarm bell that the plant is suffering!

The plants must be transferred very carefully as they suffer a trauma. In this regard we will see how to decant plants following some important indications. It may interest you | How to decant succulents

How to decant plants, the directions

  • For the transfer of the plant you do not have to get a much larger pot than the previous one, as long as it is about 30% larger: you will avoid unnecessary waste of soil and water. Furthermore, a plant much smaller than the pot cannot absorb all the water it receives, consequently there is a risk that it will stagnate in depth causing part of the roots to rot.
  • Before proceeding with the pouring, place pebbles, pieces of clay pots, pebbles also collected on the street on the bottom of the pot, to facilitate drainage and help excess water to escape from the appropriate holes.
  • Once this is done, you can proceed to the transfer of the plant by pouring at least a few centimeters of soil.

How to decant plants, procedure

  1. Remove the plant from the old pot, being careful not to remove the roots
  2. Take the plant out with all the soil from the old pot
  3. Put it in the new pot and fill the side "holes" with new soil
  4. Compact and water abundantly.

Don't forget to fertilize the soil with a good, preferably organic fertilizer.

How to decant plants, some species
Beware of some plant species, for example spring plants such as primroses or petunias are sold in very small jars, therefore they must be immediately placed in larger pots. If you decide to place them inside the planters, you need to leave a lot of space between one plant and another, since they tend to grow a lot and fill all available spaces.
Succulents hate being transplanted so it will be a practice to do every three years.

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